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Discussion in 'Network: Central' started by Sydenstricker Landscaping, Mar 9, 2007.

  1. kc2006

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    I sold the business and got into the porn industry.
  2. Chadman

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    Due to health reasons I had to get out of the business. I have the following items for sale. I live 30 miles east of Columbus in Pataskala, OH if you are interested in any of the stuff

    Lesco Commercial Spreader- Rarely used. Has side deflector for sidewalks and driveways, also has cover.

    Jungle Jim Trimmer Rack- Holds three trimmers and has locking bar

    Trimmer Trap Combination Rack- Holds either blower, chainsaw or hedgetrimmers

    Spool Line Holder by Jungle Jim- Has around 350' of spool on it.

    Pictures are available If interested message me about prices.

  3. JAX76CJ

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    Richfield ;) pwnt!
  4. JAX76CJ

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    It's been a quiet Summer up here on the Northcoast. The grass is finally starting to grow again. The Eastside of Cleveland has been "Hit Hard" by the Drought. It's rained alot to the East and South, even the Westside has gotten more precip than the Eastside.
    I've seen alot more Grub Damage this year than ever before. A lot of "White Butterfies" Flying around. I've Dropped DILOX on a few lawns this year.... Even though I don't Fert my accounts. Hopefully that'll do the trick.
    I've also seen a lot more "Stressed Out Trees." Leaves Dropping from some Maples, Acorns dropping from some Oaks (ALOT of ACORNS), and a few "Fruit Bearing" trees dropping "Product" as a "Defense Mechanism" against the Drought/Heat. NOTICE: this is localized to the Eastern Cuyahoga / Lake Counties. (A few miles in either direction, and things are different).
    I haven't had to many Equipt. Problems ("Knock On Wood"). Just the usual Oil Change, Blades, Belts, Etc. I had to get a Fuel Pump, Module, Relay, etc put in my Tahoe (Personal / Backup Vehicle), so that set me back quite a few bucks.
  5. jpp

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    Finally got some rain here while I was on vacation. Mowed everything last week. Will mow everything this week too. The question is will I mow everything next week????? I think I will have some skips, some are drying up a little bit. While others are going crazy.

    Question, going to do something new this year with leaves. For the folks that do not have me do the leaves and I have to double cut the yard to make it look nice. I am going to charge for an extra cut. What type of reaction do you guys think I will get???? I am going to put it in my fall letter that will be going out with this months bill.

    WALKER LANDSCAPE LawnSite Bronze Member
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    We will be down there hopefully the weather hold out. It allways seems to rain those days.:dizzy:
  7. tjjn06

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    Planning on it
  8. GrasshoppersLLC

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    I think we may be breaking out the leaf equipment earlier this yr.. I'm starting to see a decent amount of leaves falling already..
  9. tonygreek

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    If anyone here services Gahanna with mowing and fert 'n squirt, please shoot me a pm. I have a referral for you. Thanks.
  10. underESTIMATED

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    I'm pretty sure he meant within a reasonable drive, not an hour to/from. :facepalm:

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