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Discussion in 'Network: Central' started by Sydenstricker Landscaping, Mar 9, 2007.

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    I'm asking for all BASEBALL FANS out there to go to baseballhalloffame.org and cast your ballots for the 2007 Ford C.Frick Award, which goes to the baseball broadcaster who made the most " significant contribution to the game of baseball ".

    And being Ohioans, I'm asking your support for Joe Nuxhall when you cast your vote!

    Unfortunately, Mr. Nuxhall passed away this morning in Fairfield OH after a long battle with cancer. Many people in this town were hoping that he could have lived to see this award. But Joe was characteristically modest until the end, never looking for any special attention from anyone. His long time partner in the Red's booth, Marty Brennaman, (Thom's dad) won the award in 2000. A video tribute to Joe can be found on Cincy's largest AM radio station's website 700wlw.com. (You can also place your Ford C Frick votes on that station's site.)

    Joe Nuxhall had been in baseball as a whole for 62 years, starting as a 15 year old pitcher for the Cincinnati Reds in the waning days of WW II.
    (The war had exhausted so many able-bodied professional players toward Europe and Japan that scouts then were looking toward much younger options)

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    Took today off and built this I have complete build pics as well. This is the finished product thou.:waving: There is stll some thing that need some final tweaking as well.


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    Not familiar with the mower. But does the bagger attachment have a hose that comes from the chute to the bags on the back of the mower? Does it have a belt that controls a motor off the chute to get the clippings back to the mower?
  5. jpp

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    Josh looks great man. How is that free leaf loader doing?

    Had to change out a spindle bearing on a walkbehind today. Was not planning on doing it, but when changing the blades I noticed that bottom plate was loose and it loss the screws to it. It was bad anyway but was trying to limp through the rest of the season with it.

    Still waiting on those darn leaves to completely fall off the trees. I am amazed at how many are still up there.

    Still trying to find a second plow truck too. Somebody just want to :gunsfirin

    me now.
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    Jpp. it has a thing that hooks to the chute then a hose off that, then to a metal drum (for lack of a better term) that hooks to a horizontal shaft engine and so on and so forth... More of the problem is with the support brackets for the engine I am just lost with it and hopeing I can find someone who knows a little about this bagger.
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    I will not be able to help you but can you take pictures of the Bagging system that you have, maybe it will be more helpful for the Scagg owners.

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    Oh it SUCKS LOL Thanks thou sorry to hear about the mechanical thou. Think of it like it would have had to be fixed sooner or later.:cry:
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    Corbster, Thanks anyway...I will try to take some pics tomorrow seeing as we will not be out with the mower and I will have some time to actually take a breath for the first time in the last month...lol
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    Thanks to all that tried to help but the Mower and Bagger are now up at Buckeye Power and it is also giving them He!!, It was determined that yes that bagger goes to that mower (which we have known along) But it belongs on that mower with a Kohler engine and not a B&S Vangaurd Because of the exhaust manifold, This mower was sold with the option of a Kohler or B&S and we have the B&S model...And seeing as they sold it to us with them thinking it fit fine they are taking care of the problem and redoing the exhaust.

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