OHIO: LLC, Corporation or Sole Proprietorship?

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by RickL1700, Feb 2, 2012.

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    Grass Scapes: I chose a LLC because of some other small business men and women who I spoke with as well as my wife's aunt, who is a attorney. I guess it is just less complicated to form a LLC as to a S-Corp. with a S-Corp you have to have shareholders and meetings and such and even if you do it like you stated it still just seems easier and simple to be a LLC. All i want it to be legal and insured and not get all my personal en devours taken because of something that happened as a result of a business accident. So I decided to start off as an L.L.C and get $1Mill GLI to keep the Sue happy ppl who see me driving around some equipment and a truck that has a Lawn Care sign on it from taking everything I own. Thanks to everyone for being so helpful and nice.
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    Very informative posts everyone. Thanks!

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    Good post:clapping:this is the info you should be considering i would say, considering starting small as this

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