ohio recertification seminar notes

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    To check credentials of ohio license, go to ohio department of agriculture
    most popular pages, pesticides one stop shop, pesticide applicator homepage

    If having a poblem with sedges, Dismiss is a good choice 90% control in 7 days, acts much faster than sedgehammer

    Acclaim- 1-3 tillers after that unproductive
    drive- best for late stage crabgrass but not early

    Split pre emerge apps are not a good idea, less productive the second app

    Most impotant post emerge app is in the fall

    Watch Esters (oil soluble) over 70 degree temps, however better control over Amines

    Amines (water soluble) safer to use- will not work in cool weather

    Billbugs presented worst damage in 2007 because of drought. w/adequate irrigation minimal damage/ best time for insectide app is june

    Armada still best fungicide for lawns

    If anyone needs any professors emails for questions feel fee to ask, just thought i would share a little info from the seminar.

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