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Ohio Turfgrass Foundation Adds Sustainability Track to 2011 Conference and Show

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by Michael J. Donovan, Oct 21, 2011.

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    The term “Sustainability” is commonly used these days in describing golf course maintenance and management. But what does it really mean? Join us at the 2011 Ohio Turfgrass Foundation (OTF) Conference and Show this December to hear what some of the industry’s leading Sustainability experts are saying about the topic.

    The Sustainability program will feature panels and presentations from architects Richard Mandell, Ron Forse and Jim Nagle as well as irrigation expert, Paul Granger. Additionally, Larry Aylward from Superintendent Magazine will share his experiences from discussions with superintendents all over the country on the topic of Sustainability. Also, insurance experts David White, Mark Jordan and Craig Krenzel will discuss how protecting yourself from liabilities can ensure long-term prosperity.

    For a complete listing of presentation titles and times, visit www.otfshow.org.

    About the Ohio Turfgrass Foundation
    The purpose of the Ohio Turfgrass Foundation (OTF) is to promote the turfgrass industry in Ohio, to encourage the further study, research and education of turfgrass science and to speak on matters of policy affecting the turfgrass industry – all of which provide better turf for everyone.

    The Ohio Turfgrass Foundation is currently celebrating its 50th anniversary. Since its inception in 1961, OTF has raised over $4.5 Million for turfgrass scholarships and research. The OTF Conference and Show is the largest regional turfgrass show in the United States, attracting more than 3,000 turfgrass professionals on an annual basis.

    For additional information on the OTF Conference and Show, visit www.otfshow.org.
    For more information about the Ohio Turfgrass Foundation, visit www.ohioturfgrass.org.

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