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    You’ve got experience that your customers can trust. Send the message that you’ve got the skills and knowledge that count — earn a PLANET certification designation. After all, it’s a benchmark of your professionalism.

    Don’t miss this opportunity in your area to get PLANET Certified!

    Ohio Florists Association Short Course
    July 9, 2006
    Columbus, OH (Sunday, 9:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.)

    Exams offered:
    • Certified Landscape Professional (CLP)
    • Certified Landscape Technician — Interior (CLT-Interior)
    • Certified Ornamental Landscape Professional (COLP)
    • Certified Turfgrass Professional — Cool Season Lawns (CTP-CSL)
    PLANET Certification:
    • Raises the standards in the green industry
    • Improves performance in a continuing program of professional development
    • Recognizes competence in the profession
    Register now before it’s too late! Registration deadline is Monday, June 26, 2006.

    To register and order study materials: www.landcarenetwork.org
    To order study materials through PLANET Bookstore: (800) 293-5542
    Questions or to register by phone: (800) 395-2522

    PLANET is the premier educational resource for the green industry.
    Make the commitment today!
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    I have been looking for new certifications to conquer. Thanks a mil for the info.
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    to the top again. Guys, this stuff pays off. Raise your image and that of our industry. Compete with somethig other than price. Sell your knowledge and credentials. This is the key.

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