Oil Analysis - Anyone tried it?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Barkleymut, Jan 2, 2004.

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    I recently was surfing around the Amsoil site and saw they had a company that they recommend to do oil sampling. They would recommend from that sample whether to extend oil changes or keep them at shorter intervals. They also had all kinds of other info that could be derived from a small sample that you send in.

    I was just curious if anyone has tried having their oil analyzed? Seems like a great way to extend oil change intervals. I would be real interested in having most of my machines tested just to see if everything was running perfectly with them. But I don't want to drop $500 on 8 tests. Anyone have any idea on the cost? Thanks for any info.
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    that sounds super pricey. I use a filter that eliminates oil changes, and the coimpany recomends analysis, but it is about 15 bucks per test.
    Here is the site of the filter company

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    I use it and it cost me $8 a complete test and complete is a waste of money unless your a scientist. It has more info about thing I have no idea as to whether is good or bad. Simply test is $5 and it will tell you if anything is starting to go wrong as it measures iron, sulfer etc in the oil and it tells you what % of the oil is still in good condition. The simple part [thats what I call it and all thats matters to me]I run it in my wifes car and just had it checked in Nov. Oil had 23,000 mile on it and was 91% usable then they list the % of all the stuff thats in it and ends with no need to change oil at this time.The most I ever put on amsoil was 50,000 miles and they said it was still good, but for $40 I changed it. Find a local dealer to get your test through because they will send it to a local lab which cost less. If you can't find a local dealer pm and I'll give you a name

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    AMSOIL's oil anaylsis costs do not cost $500 for 8 tests.

    Prices for a 2-way postage prepaid analysis kit complete with analysis cost $18.95 for a preferred customer ($10 fee for a preferred customer) or $24.95 for retail pricing.

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    Sorry guys, I didn't mean that it did cost $500 for 8 tests....I had no idea how much the analysis costs. On the site that I looked at it just didn't have any pricing which is a no no nowadays. Otherwise the site was awesome. More info than I'd ever need. I just want to see if there are any problems on a couple of older engines I own that don't seem to have as much pep as they used to. I'm not a mechanic and if I opened up the engine I would never get it back together correctly. Seems like this is the next best alternative. Any thoughts?

    MoSynthetics, I got to the site through the info on your signature.

    The biggest question I have is....Can I really go a whole year (about 16,000 miles) on one oil and two filter changes? I tow 7000 lbs. every day with a 6liter gas banger. Just seems to be too good to be true. And do ya'll have any comparative tests versus other oil filters? Seems this would be the big factor. If a couple small pieces of debris get into the pistons, valves, etc. it is essential you get it filtered out, regardless of the quality of the oil.
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    My buddy is an engineer on a 1,000 foot Great Lakes ore freighter. They always do oil testing. The company doesn't change the oil in the engines until the tests tell them to do it. Those big diesels use hundreds of gallons of oil per change.
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    I have used and monitored oil analysis extensively in the aircraft industry and also on forklifts and other heavy equipment. First off, if you are going to use it and use it right, a baseline for your engine or other oil system must be established. A sample that is sent in to a lab out of the blue will only be of use to detect certain substances that are already out of the given parameters. Things like; fuel in oil, excessive soot build up, low/high viscosity, coolant in oil, are things that even without a baseline, would be helpful to know. The rest of the wear metals present in the system and their amounts are pretty worthless unless they register way way high. Lets say your sample shows 40ppm of silver. Ok.. according to their charts its within limits. But if you had a baseline and frequent samples, you might see that the amount of silver present went from 10ppm 200hrs ago, to 40ppm now. That might be a problem.
    So! all that being said, I dont think it would be a bad thing to do a yearly oil sample of your equipment to monitor for the presence of like coolant, fuel or soot buildup in engines. Same with heavy equipment hydraulic systems. No sense changing alot of hyd oil if its still ok.
    As for using oil sampling to extend the oil change interval, I dont think its worth it. 5 to 7 qts of oil and a filter every 3000 miles/3 months, is cheap enough. Now if you have a fleet of 150 trucks that take 15 to 25 qts and 2 big filters at 30 bucks a wack, then yes, it may be worth extending the mileage a lil.
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    I am running my '02 DOdge Ram 5.9L pulling a 7,000 load everywhere I go running AMSOIL 10W-30. I am running mine for 15,000 miles. Believe me I don't have the money to do this lightly but I have never found a negative posted on the net about AMSOIL. They claim they have never had on engine failure due to their oil.

    NOTE: The guarentee for AMSOIL's extended 25,000 miles or 1 year is only with their filters. There are filter comparisons.
    When using an AMSOIL Oil Filter with conventional motor oils, refer to the owner's manual for the recommended oil filter change interval. You can see a graphic comparison at the bottom of this link. http://www.amsoil.com/products/sdf.html

    Even if you run your truck short of the 25,000 the cost of changing over (Preferred Customer price) is about $55 for 6 qts of oil, 2 filters, and a can of engine flush. That is only about two trips to a "quick lube" place. So if you are not comfortable with the long extended drain intervals you can still have the great protection and improved performance of synthetics with no additional out of pocket expenses.

    Barry Crudup

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