Oil Analysis-WS 125 hrs.

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Florida Gardener, Oct 7, 2012.

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    Diesel and gasoline engines are two completely separate technologies and do not provide data that is useful for the purpose of oil change interval comparisons, not to mention your trucks see mostly highway miles, there is no way a diesel Peterbilt traveling cross country compares to a gasoline-driven quarter ton pickup truck that sees all stop-and-go city driving, not to mention lawn mowers.

    You can't run synthetic for 85,000 miles in no quarter ton gasser and I don't care who you are, it will most likely cause engine damage over time and at the very least performance losses that will cost you in terms of fuel economy alone.

    And in terms of hours, we were talking gasoline-powered lawn mowers.
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    Politics, religion, and oil all subjects sure to stir up opinions.

    Florida keep us posted on the results. If possible i would like to see if there is any gasoline in the oil, and in what percentage. Also is this a carb or FI engine.
    Type of oil and filter also.

  4. Will do...went to Post Office today to send the sample out but forgot about the holiday....so it will go out tomm....

    engine is carb. i will post the entire report.....
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    i change the oil every 100hrs and the filter every 200. Why? because that's what it says to do in the kawasaki manual, so that's exactly what i'm going to do.
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    And you will probably never have an issue iff a somethig goes wrong under warranty.... To me its simple follow the owners maual and everything is prbably gonna be ok. I still don't se why people find it so hard to just follow instructions...
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    Did you have to add any makeup oil in 125 hours?

    Almost every engine I have had "used" oil when I ran Mobil 1. Cars, trucks,mowers, didn't matter. Of course this was mostly in the 1990's and early 2000's.
  8. I did...only about .25 or .33 qts or so....that was around the 105-110 hour mark or so....

    I can't remember if this oil is M1 or Kohler cause i had some Kohler laying around. I asked Blackstone to try and trace which one it is.....

    I am getting ready to stock up on 3 cases of M1. Costco has $10/off a 6-pack, plus their unit price before the coupon is like 5.30 or so per qt. Comes out to a pretty good deal. I believe you can run the dino stuff in the mowers just fine, but for $4 or so per qt. for M1, I'll run the M1
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    You know who i feel sorry for is the people who just don't know and listen to these threads instead of following there owners manual. Then when there warranty isn't honored i guess lawnsite or whoever can honor it.
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    The only synthetic I ever had the missing oil problem with was Mobil 1. It would always be more noticeable toward the end of the drain interval. Perhaps things have changed, I was an early-adopter of synthetic. I was quite content with running it, thinking it must have been a problem with every engine I owned. I finally connected the dots when back ten years ago or so when I ran out of Mobil 1 for my F150, and no one had it one sale. I figured, what the heck and went with conventional oil. Lo and behold, the consumption problem went away. Switched the Lazer EFI back to conventional, same result.

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