Oil base ?

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    Does any one use oil base sealer ? I don't know anything about it. We use ct or lv and have good results work holds up nice. But peddler just went through alot of our area and sold alot of people on this oil base . Told them it would hold up for 5 years. Driveways we did 2 yrs ago still look good. I don't know if we will get 5 but i bet 3-4.
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    It's the traveler scam of choice. Spray it black, pass it off as a real sealer, grab the money and run. 3 months it ill be gone.
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    Im applying coal tar emulsion and it is lasting from three to four years. I recently stopped by a couple customers homes and asked them why they didnt call me when they had it sealed again and they told me it was the same sealer i had put down three years ago.

    If a contractor lays his sealer product in strict accordance to the manufacturers specifications then he should be able to confidently give a minimum of a 24 month warranty on the sealer product and his workmanship. This way you can offer a contract specifying a two year warranty on the newly sealed surface.
    One thing i stress with all new customers is:
    And i then ask them if they know any other sealing contrators that are willing to give a 24 month warranty when most of the travelers work will not last last much longer than 12 months.

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