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Anyone know how much oil a fc420v, 14 horse, kawasaki holds?? What about a 15 horse kohler command?? that is with an oil change with filter..

Thanks guys!! snapper
Look on the side of the engine. It will have the amount of oil needed in metric fashion.
It will look something like this 946 mL. The ml will be in small cursvie letters.

946 mL = 1 US quart

They numbers that look like this are the engines displacement.
250cc X3


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I have a FC420V manufactured in 08, there is no mention as to the capacity on the side of the engine. It tells me the viscosity, and how often to change but not the capacity.

I have no owners manual. Does anyone have a PDF of the owners manual, or knows the crankcase oil capacity?



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I hope Snapper isn't still waiting for an answer. The thread is more than five years old!

Just for completeness: (or in case he/she is still waiting to change oil)

Kohler ProCommand 15hp, 48 oz w/o filter, a couple of more oz. with a filter change.

Don't know about the Kaw.


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thanks for the reply Roger, still looking for a capacity on the new Kaw.

must be tough for some people that can't measure to change their oil, dump a little in , check the dip stick, dump a bit more check the dip stick, dump a bit mor check the stick, oh sh its too full drain some out check the stick.

right pic ASS o


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my FC420V holds 1.3 Quarts and a little more if you are changing the oil filter as well


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My 14hp Kawasaki takes one quart of Sae 30 oil. The fifteen hp should be about the same or at most 1.5 quarts.

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