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Discussion in 'eXmark' started by Carolina Cutter, Mar 25, 2004.

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    Got a new 36 Metro yesterday. Was looking at it (ok drooling) last night. It has the Kohler engine 15 hp. So....tell me.....what is the secret that I am going to have to know when it comes time to change the oil to prevent the filter from making an incredible mess?

    And being an exmark rep what do YOU reccommend the time interval be for the first oil change to be preformed?
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    It's been a while since I changed the filter on a Kohler single but on of our lab guys said the secret is to have plenty of disposable shop towels. It's not as bad as it looks because the filter doesn't hold as much oil as it looks like it would. Simply lay a shop towel under the filter area (or as much as you can) and spin the old filter off. It'll still make a mess but you can minimize it.

    Maybe one the guys here on LS have a trick or two they can share.


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    I put a remote oil filter adapter on my mowers. This let's me mount the filter hanging down. No spill at all!
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    If the filter is positioned so that the opening faces down... punch a hole in the bottom of it (which faces up when installed) before draining the crank case oil... this way much of the oil in the filter will drain through the case before you have to remove the filter..... hope this helps....
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    I dont know if this will work on your mower, but Ii put a piece of thin cardboard under the filter or drain plug and shape it like a slide so that the oil will drain into a pan. Used beer cartons work real good!

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    I have a 15hp Kohler Pro Command, single cylinder - and have had one for seven seasons. It is on an Exmark Viking.

    No, I've not found a good way to change oil, and keep things clean. I back the mower onto two 2X10 planks, getting the rear wheels up about 3 1/2 inches. This allows me to put a drain pan (typically used for auto oil changes) under the rear axle. The plug is square headed. I use the one on the right side, opposite of the filter. I use a square socket (3/8" ?) on the end of a long socket extension so that I can turn with a rachet outside the wheel. When taking out the plug, I take it out slowly, directing as much oil down through a hole in the tractor frame, into the oil pan below. Some oil does drain across the belts underneath. I wipe them clean before starting the engine later.

    The filter is just a paper towel mop up. The idea of a hole in the top, as mentioned above sounds good - I'll try it next time. I do not take out the small plug at the base of the filter mount, leaving a few tablespoons of oil in the base. I do have a 1/4" rachet with a square socket to take it out, but have discarded that practice.

    I change oil every two weeks, filter every four. That means about 50-60 hours between changes, 100-120 on the filters. I do keep my air filter well cleaned, and that helps keep the oil clean.

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