Oil Changes and Dealer Problem

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by HydroGearHead, Oct 28, 2007.

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    I'm having a problem with a dealer and want to see what you think??!! Thanks in advance

    I'm doing some work about 350 miles from my regular dealer so I have 1 mower with me and a helper and I usually run all Hustlers but before I figured out Hustlers were the best mower for me and my company I bought a Snapper Pro Z 60". It was new and super cheap my dealer was getting out of the Snapper Pro line and sold it to me new for $6500 with a full warranty so I couldn't turn it down!!! Its not a bad mower just not a Hustler but I use it now as a back up and for when I do work out of town like now. (I have to stay at a hotel out of town and even though I lock it up I'm not comfortable taking one of my Hustlers.)

    So here's the deal. I'm 350 miles from my regular dealer who always takes care of me an my Snapper started leaking oil really bad--like bad where I can't even chance running it. Its a year and half old and has 275hrs on it which to me isn't much. I took it to this other dealer here and they are treating me like crap even saying to my face I didn't buy the mower from them, I'm like hey its not like I priced chopped you I'm just doing a job away from my home and its a one time deal so help me out you know?? So they take my mower and charge me $35.00 to check it out even though its under warranty they call it a paperwork fee, ok I understand the guys got to make a living and its a pain I'm sure to have to wait to get paid on a warranty. So they call me and say we need your oil change records. Ok, no worries I actually DO KEEP RECORDS I learned that a long time ago and I have a deal with my regular dealer where I drop my machines off on a friday and pick them up on a monday when they need service---so..ALL the work has been done by a dealer!!!! So the machine has 275 on it an I have had the oil changed 3 times total all by my regular dealer. Ok the 1st change was at 12hrs which was the break in change and then at 107hrs and 212hrs. the book says every 12 months or every 100hrs so I should be good. (I do change the oils in my Hustlers every 50hrs but I use them every day this is a back up mower and I just do it by the book because it doesn't get used much) So this dealer say ahhh thats your problem lack of maintenance by dirty oil so its not warranty oh and we need $325 to fix my oil leak!!! I'm like no way, I followed the book so even if the book isn't aggressive enough with oil changes it is what they say so it should be covered!!! What do you think??? I told the owner of this place I'd split it with him which my regular dealer who always takes good care of me said not to do because if I got the mower to him hed's fix it under warranty but I just want my mower back quick becasue I need to finished this job so i will probably just pay the money and be done with it, I'm making god money on this job. I just think its wrong for a dealer to say you arn't doing enough maintenance when you follow the book. Like I said I do get his point I do all my other equipment 50hrs and 35hrs on the small stuff bu this mower is like in perfect shape and has hardly any time on it so I just do it by the book. Your thoughts?? THANKS!!!
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    Personally, I think I'd try and see if I could get a rental unit from one of those rent-all places and tell this guy to stick it where the sun doesn't shine. I ain't all that smart when it comes to mechanics, but even I am smart enough to know that lack of adequate oil changes is NOT going to cause an oil leak, especially at 275 hours. You are getting ripped, and even if I had to drive home and pick up one of the Hustlers, I'd do it. I guess I'm just hard headed when it comes to thngs like this.

    Then, the next thing I would do is contact Snapper and tell them about your experience. I totally understand taking care of your own customers first. I'd do the same thing, but when you are away from home, the dealer should take care of warranty work because you didn't buy from a competing dealer because you don't live there. Don't give this guy the money, he is ripping you off.
  3. DoetschOutdoor

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    This dealer is obviously trying to take you for a spin so what makes you think he will even fix it right or do as quality of a job as your regular dealer? 700 miles roundtrip is going to take a few tanks of gas and some hours but would it really be cheaper for you to get it fixed there rather than drive home? Only you are the one who knows how bad you really need it fixed but I say screw that new dealer' I've had several "questionable" warranty issues with 2 different dealers around here that were probably my fault and shouldnt have been fixed under warranty but alot of times your hometown dealer has your back on these issues.

    By the way. how much is a new hustler if $6500 was considered a good enough deal for you to buy this snapper?
  4. BrandonV

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    there is a dealer here in town who really pissed my dad off one day when we took a pressure washer buy there and just needed a pull cord put on (he was in a hurry) they said they won't work on machines they didn't sell. and my dad pretty much let them know they wouldn't have any machines to work on from us then, because they weren't going to sell us any.
  5. CALL SNAPER ..... explain to them the problem. Most likely if he likes selling snaper he will be falling down to help you out. To many complaints and they will give some one else the rights for snapper.

    A buddy of mine got a exmark dealership this way
  6. ed2150

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    Yep, call Snapper and let them know what's going on; they need to get involved.

    This guy is just trying to take you for a ride, and chances are he'll file a warranty claim anyway and get paid twice.

    Snapper should step up and get it taken care of......also, Snapper doesn't warranty the engine itself since they didn't make it, there may be other mower dealers where you are that are warranty service centers for your particular engine so you might want to ask around. (My Hustler dealer is not a warranty center for Kawasaki so he can't work on my engine. I've used another mower dealer here that can do Kawasaki warranty work to take care of a small issue with no problem at all.)
  7. J&R Landscaping

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    Well, I would call someone. What kind of engine is on the machine? Call the engine manufacturer. Take the manual to the dealer and so him what it says. (Prolly won't change anything but...)

    Also, you payed the $35 right???? Go to the shop and ask to be shown where they think the leak is comming from and what parts will be required to fix it. (You payed the money so you should get a receipt with a written estimate. I would also suggest contacting the local Business buearua and inform them ofyour expereinces.
  8. PROCUT1

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    I would call snapper direct and let tell them the story. Im sure they will do something.
  9. Frontier-Lawn

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    i would call snapper and also tell the dealer to stuff it were the sun dont shine.
  10. Breezmeister

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    I didn't see you say what kind of engine it is. But if it is a Kaw... I have gotten Kaw to warranty engines that where more then a year out of warranty and 400 plus hours. And I understand that Kohler will be just as good.
    If this is an engine problem, talk with some one from the manufacture and let them know what that dealer is doing

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