Oil clarity in "old IZT?

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    I bought a fastrack 3 years ago with the sealed IZT's. A year and a half later I took it back to the dealer to have a cracked weld repaired. It was during the State Fair and most of the staff was there on out on a service call. I did get the crack repaired and the younger person there looked it over- then pulled the IZT breather tubes and checked the oil level- which he said was low and then added some. I mentioned the units were sealed- and he indicated they were- but you could still check the level like the newer ones and gave me a guage to do this with.

    I recently checked the oil level again- now at 141 hours- and though the level was OK, the oil was not clear. It is hard to describe- it was not opaque and I couold see no particles in it. It was not "milk like" like I have seen with water in oil in an outboard tranny. It is more of a brown color- but if it is rust it must be very fine. The mower is out in the weather a lot, though I try and keep a tarp over it. I do not pressure wash it.

    I have read of Hustler recommending adding something to the oil on the IZT's. Is this where the color is coming from?

    The dealer is about 70 miles away so no easy way to run it over to them to look at.
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    We do not add anything or recommend any additives in the IZT's.
    You can change the fluid in your IZT's, its not easy, you have to "suck" it out with a vacuum type oil extractor.
    As long as your breather tubes stay on, you shouldn't have any issues with anything in your oil.

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    Any one out there looking at their fluid?

    Looked back and found a post about adding lubrizol- but it was a super Z.

    I also found the posts on 5-21 and 5-22 which talk about early IZT hydro failure- and the one on the 22nd indicates the "internal" filter should be replaced at 200 hrs. My understanding was the internal filters were on the IZT's and the newer CIZT had external filters.

    I would appreciate some guidance- I would rather do some preventive work now than replacement work later. I did download a maintence manual on the IZT. I am considering just going ahead and replacing the filters. Does Hustler carry those?
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    The IZT's we have used for the last 3 years have a internal filter.
    The filter can be purchased through any Hustler dealer.
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    Contact your dealer and make sure you have your model and serial number to give their parts person. As far as I know only the new charged IZT pumps will have the serviceable filter kit. This filter is around $25 or so. Check to make sure your pumps have this serviceable part.

    Most dealers in Missouri should be aware of the changes from the old versus the new IZT pumps.

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