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Discussion in 'eXmark' started by Vibe Ray, Oct 25, 2002.

  1. Vibe Ray

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    I'd like to clarify something about the oil drain discussion. Which side is the correct side to use and WHY? And also about the oil drainvalve thing. Here is a pic of the drain I use....it already has an elbow that drains the oil below the deck just fine. In fact the only problem I have with it is that it seems that within time, the plug may strip out or break because it is plastic. It takes an allen wrench to unthread the plug. Not to mention if your new drain design (the "gold" one) has a valve on it instead of the plastic plug, I imagine it would be quicker to flip the valve than to locate the right size allen wrench and the have to unthread it all the while worrying about it stripping it out or breaking....but that's all that I see wrong w/ it. It drains the oil below the deck just fine. The only thing that gets oil on the deck is when I change the oil filter.

    Now if I am using the wrong side for some reason, that could possibly explain it. The elbow plug apparratus I am talking about is located under the oil filter. The only other oil drain is under the starter, but that would make no sense to use that one....it doesn't have the more user friendly apparratus, it is merely a vertical female hex plug. Now I can see how that may pose a problem of oil getting on the engine deck, but only if you use that one......why in the world would anyone do that though?

    BTW, could you post a pic of the new oil drain?

    dsc01180 (small).jpg
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    All the mowers I've seen, used, and purchased suffer from this same problem. The drain plugs are situated in such a way that it is nearly impossible to drain the oil without getting oil all over. Well not impossible, but why should I have to jerry rig some rolled up cardboard tube to change my oil.

    The oil filters are the same way. Several of my Toro w/b's have the oil filter mounted with the threads down. In other words instead of hanging from the threaded end it sits up on the threads. STUPID!

    I take it back, my Walker is done right. I did the 5 hour oil change and the filter is horizontally mounted off the back of the engine and the drain plug runs the oil right into a pan between the frame and the back castering wheel. Only got a couple of drops on the frame. :D What a joy, after changing the oil in a Toro w/b or Z.

    Exmark is the same way. Why dont you manufacturers hear us and MAKE THE CHANGES. Incorporate the necessary parts, remote oil filter locations, piping to run the oil drains down away from the frame, under the mower somewhere?


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    Hey Guys,

    Here's a picture of the new style oil drain on a 17-hp Kawasaki. I'll respond to both of your posts tomorrow.

    See what you think,

    Exmark Customer Support

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    This last pic is exactly what I have on my 27hp Kawi. Works great. Have an old 8" piece of garden hose that I slip over it when its time to change it.

    As for oil filters, go out and buy some GLAD Ware (Kinda like cheap Tupperware) Cut if needed and slip under filter to catch its oil. Wipe and reuse for years and years.
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    Green Pastures, I know what you are saying about the toro oil filter being upside down. Nothing but a pain in the a**.
    My lazer is simple. Thankfully that gets all the use, thus more oil changes.
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  7. TJLC

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    The oil drain valve shown in the picture is exactly what I have on my new TTHP, 17 Kawi. It works GREAT.
  8. eXmark

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    Okay Guys,

    After reading through some of your posts, I want to address some questions.

    Vibe Ray - You asked which is the correct side for the oil drain. It basically depends on the engine you have and which frame the engine is put on. Another thing to consider is what is below the oil drain.

    I went down to the line and looked at several of the "new" oil drains. On a Lazer Z HP (LHP) with the 17-hp Kaw., it's on the right hand side of the engine (all of these descriptions are as you are standing behind the mower and looking towards the front of the machine). On the LHP with a 23-hp Kohler, it's on the left hand side. On the Lazer Z with a Liquid-Cooled 27-hp Kaw., it's on the left hand side. I even looked at a Toro unit with a 19-hp Kaw. The quick oil drain on it was on the right hand side of the engine.

    After I looked at all of these on the line, I went out to our test track and searched for an old 48" LHP with a 19-hp Kaw. I found one, and the old-style, plastic plug was located on the right side of the engine. I believe this is where the drain plug should be located on your 48" LHP with the 19-hp Kaw.

    The old, plastic plug was not the best design ever. It would either crack and leak, or when guys tried to take off just the end cap, the entire fitting would screw out and make a mess. This quick oil drain is a better system - easier, faster, & cleaner. If you can change to this new style, I would recommend doing so.

    If you do the work yourself, just be careful when you go to screw the fitting into the block. If you screw the fitting in too far, you could crack the block :eek:!

    Green Pastures - We now have the "new" oil drain on the majority of models we offer. I think you would appreciate this change. It'll keep you and your machine much cleaner. The only thing you have to worry about is the oil filter. Just let the oil drain completely, and then change your filter. If you have a rag and the replacement filter handy, you should be able to keep the oil from getting all over everything.

    If you really want to relocate the engine oil filter, most manufacturers offer a kit to make the change. All you have to do is contact them and get the kit. I know that Kohler offers such a kit. Here is some information direct from Kohler:

    Kohler Lubrication Accessories (.pdf file)


    If you want the engine manufacturers to change the design of their product (e.g. - oil filter mounted with threads up), feel free to contact them directly and explain to them why this is so important to all of you. Here are some links to their Customer Contact/Service Pages:

    Kohler Customer Service


    Kawasaki Customer Service




    If you guys have any other questions or comments, feel free to e-mail me at dustin.schwab@exmark.com.

    Hope this helps,

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  10. amrupp

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    Dustin -

    I've just ordered the valve (#103-1965) and pipe (#103-1966) for my 48"LHP, 19 Kaw. I have just one question - should it be installed on the plug below the starter (left side) or oil filter (right side)?

    Thanks for your help.

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