Oil drain plug for Honda HRR216SDA

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by BAMARED, Mar 25, 2003.


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    I just bought this mower a few days ago. I was changing the oil in it like the manual states after the initial 5 hrs. of use. Got looking for the oil drain plug and couldn't find it. The manual doesn't even mention anything about the oil drain plug.

    Therefore, I called a few of the local Honda dealers and they both told me that the mower actually has (2) oil drain plugs but wouldn't recommend that I use either. Instead, they recommend that I hold the mower upside down and let the oil run out the filler neck. You've got to be kidding!

    I must admit that I was disappointed in Honda for mentioning anything about the drain plug and to engineer a virtually inaccessible drain plug. It's almost like Honda is forcing you to take your mower to the dealer for servicing.

    Other than this, the mower is very agile and cuts well. Only other thing that I wish were different is the single speed of 2.5 MPH was a little faster.


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    I have a 1989 Honda HR214; bought it new. It has an oil drain plug, but I still drain the oil from the filler/dipstick tube 'cause it's easier. The mower doesn't weigh that much. As for taking your new mower to the dealer for servicing, what's to service? Change the oil, clean the air filter when it needs it, and if it should ever fail to start, put a new spark plug in it. Over the years, cables, springs, & assorted things, including the wheels, will need to be replaced. At least, that's all I've had to do with mine. Good luck with it!

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