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Discussion in 'LESCO' started by man of stihl, Mar 12, 2005.

  1. man of stihl

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    hey i got this walkbehind mid year last season.. its two years old and no manual. the guy i bought it from had just changed the oil so i didnt change it yet. i need to change it before i begin(plus i need to put in amsoil) but anyway i was wondering where is the oil drain plug.. it is a 36wb belt drive with a 14hp kawasaki motor
  2. TOMMY1115

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    Look for a hole in the plate that the engine sits on. Should be around 3 inches in diameter. Look right above the hole and you should see a bolt that you can unscrew to drain the oil.
  3. jim dailey

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    Exactly...stand behind the mower. Look on the right side of the mower, bottom edge of the engine, just above the drain hole on the deck. Use a 1/2" OPEN end wrench...THE OPEN END! Put the pan under the mower, pull the plug, oil drains into the pan. Oil filter is on the opposite side. Good luck.

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