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    Anyone know the part number for an oil filter for Kaw 29 horse air cooled FX801?
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    I have listed for my 15 and 25 hp's Kawasakis the following (the shorter one is the only one that fits my 25hp):
    PH4967, L14477, L14476

    Now that's just what's written on my back wall and I know I wrote that crap down for good reason, as to whether it will fit yours, that I could not tell.

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    Do you know the OEM part number? Thanks.:usflag:
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    The information is available at Kaw's website and is available to anyone. You can go there to check the part number below.

    The OEM part number is 49065-7010

    According to NAPA's website, the above number crosses to 41394 or 1394. The 41394 supposedly is a premium filter made by Kawasaki(high dollar by the way) and the 1394 is a NAPA Gold made by Wix.

    If you prefer something else, go to your filter manufacturer of choice.

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    Thanks. My dealer gave me a 49065-7007 and said it would work too on the Fx series. Just wondering about that. Thanks Dutch1, I appreciate your help.
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