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Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by 94 ukgrad, May 18, 2008.

  1. 94 ukgrad

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    I just purchased an Exmark Lazer Z AS 52" rider with 28 HP. Kawasaki engine. I was wondering what brand of engine oil filter you guys recommend. OEM or aftermarket?


    Mark in Russell Springs, KY
  2. MileHigh

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    If you don't use the Kawasaki oil filters that come stock on the exmarks with kawi motors, you will therefore void the warranty.

    BNR LAWN SERVICES LawnSite Member
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    I use Fram filters on all my mowers and the are about half the price of OEM. Never had any problems with them.
  4. Gruneich Lawn Care Inc.

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    I buy all Wix filters for all the mowers. I wouldnt worry about buying OEM filters for warrenty reasons, I have yet to hear of anyone losing there warrenty over a oil filter. A couple dealer here actually sell the OEM filters, and wix filters also, they said not to worry about which filters to run.
  5. totallawncare25

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  6. Richard Martin

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    I use Purolator Pure 1 filters on all of my mowers. The P/N for Kawasakis is PL14476. Use of aftermarket filters will not void the engine warranty.
  7. Bill Kapaun

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    That's TOTAL BULL!
    Moss-Magnuson Warranty Act precludes that.

    Kawasaki 3/4" X 16 threads Gasket 2.475"OD 2.173"ID 0.233" thick.
    Length" Wix Purolator Hastings Baldwin AC MotorCraft JD Walmart
    2.98" 51394 L14476 LF410 B33 PF1233 FL836 AM107423 ST4967
    3.4" 51396 L14477 LF413 B37 NA NA NA ST4386

    WIX makes NAPA Gold and CarQuest Blue filters. (identical except for the paint job)
    For a NAPA filter, use the last 4 digits of the Wix#
    For a CarQuest filter, replace the first 2 digits of the Wix# with 85.
    Example. Wix 51348 becomes CarQuest 85348 or NAPA Gold 1348.

    S DIAMOND LawnSite Member
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    Your right, if your engine experiences a failure during the warranty period, do to poor maintenance or inadequate protection (not a full flow oil filter or that other air filter looked just like it, etc.) what difference does it make?

    Case and point, if you have a brand new (insert favorite manufacture here) air filter in place, and there are dirt tracks leading into the carburetor where the cause of death was abrasive ingestion, does it matter? It will not be covered anyway.:rolleyes: Truth is, alot of people don't even care if its a match.
  9. treemonkey

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    There is some truth to both arguments here. Yes, the Magnuson-Moss Act allows you to install aftermarket filters without voiding the engine warranty.

    If, however, it can be proven that the aftermarket filter was defective and caused the problem, then the engine manufacturer has the right to deny the repair.

    Wix/NAPA warranties engine repairs if it is proven that the filter was defective and caused the damage.

    Think about it. Why would Kawasaki pay to repair an engine if it was proven that the WIX filter on it caused the damage.

    If, on the other hand, the engine goes bad during warranty and it is all OEM parts, you will have less of an uphill battle trying to get a warranty repair.

    I know of one example where someone put the wrong aftermarket fuel filter on a CAT excavator (too large micron media) allowing dirt to destroy the injector/fuel pump system. CAT denied the warranty work.
  10. knothead

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    There use to be a site on the net that compared oil/air filters and aftermarket filters are miles ahead in protecting your engines!I use purolater on all my engines! If anyone happens to find the site please post as i have lost the link>

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