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Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by scagman52, Oct 3, 2012.

  1. scagman52

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    Hey guys..I have always used genuine Kawasaki oil filters for my Scag Cub but the price of them are going through the roof! I used Fram one time and ended up blowing out a oil seal. Had to take engine apart and replace upper and lower seal. So I don't want a Fram. What other brands would you recommend?
  2. orangemower

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    Humm. The down time from the blown seals has got to weight more then the higher cost of the filters. Stick with OEM
  3. mowerman90

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    I use Wix filters on my machines. You can do a search on Google to find where to buy them. Or, just go to any NAPA store, their filters are made by Wix. Wix filters are one of the highest rated filters made. Do a little search on Google and you'll see what I mean. My second choice would be Purolator filters.
  4. Roger

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    I use NAPA Gold 7145 for my Kaw 19hp. I've used them for several years, without any problems.
  5. larryinalabama

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    I use napa filters also but there not that cheap at around 8$.

    Cant you oreder filters in 12 or more for a huge discount?
  6. herler

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    You can order filters in bulk but in terms of a discount you won't get a huge one unless you get generic filters or order truly big lot quantities (example of a minimum order $4000).
  7. pugs

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    What are you paying? MSRP on the filters hasnt changed very much in the 10 years I have been a Kawasaki dealer.
  8. caseysmowing

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    purolator golds here!! Mobil 1 also makes a hell of a good filter. Don't know if they make one the fit a kawi though.

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