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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by wriken, Apr 26, 2003.

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    I had this in the repair forum, but did'nt get any response, any help here, Thanks

    I use quality Wix Brand oil filters in everything I operate, and have always changed filter/oil at the same time. I've heard the theory and read a recent post about a filter that is a little dirty does a better job of filtration, I know when I installed a amsoil air filter they also stated that as the filter got dirt on it the filter would filter better, make's sense to a point, as long as it was not clogged. Some people I know will say its cheap insurance to do the filter every time you change oil, and I have'nt a problem with that, but on the other hand if it filters better, say like leave it installed for 80hrs instead of 40hrs would'nt that be better for the motor? And if you do change the filter ever other oil change, Do you drain the oil out of the filter (possibly disturb contaminates) or just leave it on, eliminating a possible gasket leak?
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    Change that filter every time you change oil. I have been hearing stories about filters working better when dirty for many years, but if you have ever been to the races you will notice that those guys dump oil and filter every time they do a change.

    Ever been to the drag strip? Watch those guys dump oil and not change the filter? They change it everytime. Modern filters work all the way down to microns today and should be changed to work well.

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