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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by mkwl, Aug 23, 2005.

  1. mkwl

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    Where do you guys get your oil filters? Up until now, I have been getting all of the oil filters for my Kawasaki engines from my dealer, but paying $9.00 for 1 filter is pretty expensive. Also, what brand is best? Thanks in advance.
  2. CuttingCrew

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    I use only Wix filters. Several studies I read rated them the highest but I'm sure there are other reports that rate another highest.


    p.s. Filters are important but high quality oil is way more important. JMO
  3. QualityLawnCare4u

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    I get mine from the DC dealer for 4.50. Not sure what brand they are but never had a problem with them. One for my kaw. 23hp and kohler 27 is a little over 9 bucks with tax for both.
  4. tacoma200

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    I'm sure Kawasaki and Kohler have other companys make filters for them but not sure which one. Wick makes filters for alot of different companys. I buy the Kohler filters a least until the warranty runs out in case they try to blame it on a filter. Good luck.
  5. lawncare4u

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    You can check out Landscape supply,they carry Oregon oil filters.....be careful on useing cross referance auto filters on a mower,because they are not the same!A post on here awhile back stated that someone had them to blow off the engine!!
  6. i_plant_art

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    i get most everytrhing i need including filters from mowmore.com
  7. Rayray

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    I found the generic filter for my kawasaki at Autozone,,,i went from paying $12 to $2
  8. topsites

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    I get my filter for my 15hp Kohler from Advance Auto parts. It also costs 10 dollars at the stealer and Home Depot AND Advance sell an aftermarket for 9 dollars but you see, I get an AUTOMOTIVE equivalent filter for 3 bucks.

    Now if you walk in there and ask someone to look it up, they will sell you the 9-dollar filter and NO they can not and will not cross-x it for you, so here's what I did:
    - Walk in with the old filter and proceed to the automotive oil filter section (Yes it helps if you're a regular customer so they pay little to no attention to you).
    - Look first at ALL the red-box AA storebrand filters.
    - Look for a box which closely resembles your current filter in size and pull it off the shelf.
    - Open the box AND check thread and gasket diameter:
    - For the thread, I used my finger but careful you don't get it stuck. There's only 2 or 3 types of thread out there so this is usually easy to match. If the diameter of the thread is a match, check if it's fine or coarse thread as this needs to match as well.
    - For the gasket diameter, I compared the filters side by side and next to each other and closely eyed it out.
    - IF the filter you selected doesn't match, keep looking until you find one that does.
    - Once you find it, WHEN you install it on your mower you will need to look CLOSELY to ensure the thread is a solid match AND also that the gasket forms a good seal: If both are ok then after you get done RUN the motor for 5-10 minutes and check for leaks.
    - If everything is 100%, make SURE you write down the part-number someplace so you don't have to go through the rigmarole again.
    p.s.: IF the red-box filters provide NO match then start checking Fram and all those brands but they ARE a dollar or so more.
    p.s.s.: Please be neat, return ALL non-match filters to their proper place and don't leave the place a mess, then is no prob. I found the best way to do it is one filter at a time.

    Couple of tips:
    - The gasket does not have to be a PERFECT match, usually you can be as much as 1/4 of an inch off either way as the mating surface is USUALLY wider than the gasket so the only important part is that the gasket meet the mating surface 100%.
    - The thread DOES need to be a perfect match, no exceptions.
    - There is some bs ppl will try and feed you if they find out some nay-sayers will talk about the microns could be off and other folklore hoop-de-doo might make you think that using an Auto-filter on your lawnmower is the worst thing you could do in your entire life but I run AA storebrand filters on my car and if they're good enough for my bmw, then they're good enough for the Kohler AND I'm running both Kohlers with the 3-dollar filter nowadays.

    Good luck!
  9. Richard Martin

    Richard Martin LawnSite Fanatic
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    Geez, that's a lotta work there topsites. For Kawasaki engines just tell them you have a 93 Geo Prizm, it's the same filter. Or you could use one of the many online cross references and use the Purolator L14476 number to find your favorite filter's number.
  10. Bunton Guy

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    I get all of mine at wal-mart for under 2 bucks.

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