Oil for new Kohler 18 hp

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by djsmokin, Feb 13, 2003.

  1. djsmokin

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    Got a newbie question for someone. Just getting into the business and bought a 2003 Walker Model C with the Kohler twin 18 hp. What type of oil would you recomend I run in it after the break-in?

    Any luck with the synthetic blends? Thanks
  2. Tvov

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    Obviously, check the owner's manual for recommended oil. If you don't have the manual for some reason, call a dealer.

    Or for some reason are you looking for oil recommendations other than what the manufacturer recommends ?
  3. djsmokin

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    Thought there might be some new info out there on some of the new oils. For many years the car manufacturers did not recomend running muti grade or synthetic oils and after years of the pubic using them, now they do recomend them.

    Only wondering if anyone has tryed them and how it is working. Thanks
  4. 1st Class Lawns

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    I only use "Kohler" oil.
    Its expensive but I haven't heard any of the weird engine noises that I have heard described on Lawnsite.
    1st Class Lawn Service
  5. Mr.Wrench

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    Hi, I sell Walkers. You bought a great machine, your MC has a Kohler CH18S. I would use the oil that James has already recommended. The Kohler oil part number is 25-357-06. It is 10w30 and really does work well, it gets rid of the noisey lifter problem. Did you get the GHS( Grass Handling System) and the cast iron gear box assembly on the mower deck?
  6. djsmokin

    djsmokin LawnSite Member
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    I didn't know Kohler made an oil. For some reason, my dealer has not said a word about it. In fact, he has told me to just go and buy a good straight 30W to run in it. I will ask him to order in some Kohler oil for me.

    Mr. Wrench, I did get the GHS and the cast iron deck gear housing. As far as the deck housing, didn't know they made the housing any other way. I would have not known about this one being cast, but my dealer did a really good job of showing me everything on the unit.

    So far I am happy with the unit. Can't wait to get some customers so I can put it to work.
  7. PartsGuy

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    Do not use straight 30 weight oil in your Kohler.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    10W30 is the recommended oil in the owners manual and the oil that carries the Kohler label is 10W30 as well.

    The great lifter noise problem we have all heard and read about has more to do with the wrong type oil being used than any internal problem Kohler has had.

    Parts Guy
  8. Mr.Wrench

    Mr.Wrench LawnSite Member
    from N.H.
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    Yep, the original Walker decks had Peerless right angle boxes at each end connected by "dogbone " tubes with a Tee box in the center. They still offer this as standard equipment, After a hundred hours or so the deck will naturally flex and cause the thin gaskets in the assembly to leak 90weight all over the place. A real mess!!. Last year Walker introduced a complete cast iron gear box (sealed unit) assembly that gets rid of that leak problem and cuts that annoying whinning sound by about 50%, another good thing about it is that it adds a good amount of weight to the Walker deck to keep it from hopping over rough lawn. This option is about $750 depending on the mark up.
    I was at a Kohler meeting today, and the same dicussion about using the 10w30 oil came up about 10 times. Use the Kohler oil, it has antifoaming agents that keep air out of your lifters. Again, the part number is 25-357-06, it comes in quarts and you can buy it by the case. Also, the nice thing about using only this oil is that if you ever have any internal engine problems during warranty, you have some leverage with Kohler if any issues arise. Good luck with your Walker, and don't forget the grease fittings that are behind the drive wheels where your deck arms attach to the frame.

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