Oil for winter use in K46 tuff torq...???

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by pooleo8, Oct 30, 2011.

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    I have a john deere L120. Its for home use. I changed the oil in it this summer. Replaced with 20-50 Synthetic, castrol. All has been well untill today. It just did not want to go backwards and forwards it has a terrible GROWL! After running it for about 10 min (mulching leafs) The tractor is fine. Reverse is perfect, forward is great with ZERO noise, just the typical hydrolic whine.

    So my question is. Is there a different oil I should use for winter use? Or am I just stuck with having to let the tractor warm up very well for winter? I use it to plow the sidewalks.

    Will letting the mower run be enough to warm up the trans?
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    I tore the rear end out. As when I changed the fluid, I did not use the drill method. I used the bleeding in tractor method. I thought perhaps the fluid was low. It looked a little low and I added about 6 ounces.

    Upon re-installation, I noticed that the 'free=wheel' rod was bent. It has been this way since I got it. After looking at the picture on the tractor about the rod, I realized it was not suppose to be bent. Upon further inspection, the lever that the rod controls was not fully "clicking" into place to engage the wheels. I un-bent the rod, installed. Changed enging oil and filter. Took it for a spin and holey moly! It runs smooth as butter now. ZERO noise, ZERO growl. Pedal all the way down and brake all the way down, if you pop the brake it will spin the tires! (not that I abuse it, just for illustration)

    So I guess if anyone else with the k46 has issues, check the free wheel rod first, that it is fully engaging/disengaging.

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