Oil grade for 19 OHV Kawasaki

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by kjo43, Aug 26, 2002.

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    I just picked up a used Lesco 54" hydro with a 19Horse Kawasaki V-twin (HF601V). I didn't get an owners manual for the engine, just the mower, it says use 10W40 SE or SF grade, but from everything I have read that sounds like the wrong grade for this motor.

    BTW what does the 'SE' and 'SF' mean?

    I was under the impression that 30Weight was the recommended oil for air-cooled motors. I am still considering using mobil1 10W30 instead. I plan on only using this machine less than 50 hours a year.... Anyone have a manual for this motor? anyone have some recommendations?

    I tried to look at kawasaki's web site and could only find a part diagram, no specs at all. I did find out from another site that it takes 2 quarts of oil...can anyone confirm?

    Also the hydro fluid is supposed to be 20W50 (at least that is what it says on the tank) I am also thinking of going to Mobil1 I believe the 15W50 is the closest? does that sound like a good choice or should I stick with a 20W50?

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    SE are oils that meet the requirements for 1971 to 1979 passenger cars and light trucks. Provides excellant rust, corrision and oil oxidation wear protection, with improved high temperature deposit control.

    SF are oils that meet the rquirements for 1980 to 1990 passenger cars, light trucks and small engines.

    Basically you shouldn't use an oil lower than SE although you would probably have trouble finding SD or older spec oil.

    I think they are up to SJ now and it is safe to use in your engine.

    I use Mobil 1 10w30 in all of my 4 stroke engines, Kawasaki, Kohler and Briggs.

    As far as the amount of oil to use in the engine just fill it until it's full.

    I would stick to a 20w50 in the hydros. They are very expensive to replace if you screw them up. You could add a hydro oil cooler to the system though.

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