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Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by South Florida Lawns, Sep 11, 2010.

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    So an employee overfilled my 19hp kawi ran it for a day and now oil is seeping from the top down and all over the outside, even at the correct level, its just a little bit though I never really have to add oil. It never smokes at all and runs smooth as new.

    I haven't had the chance to tear down the motor yet but some kind of seal must be blown to cause it to leak. I hope its an easy fix, I'm not the greatest mechanic but I can figure most things out after tinkering with it
  2. Restrorob

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    Ryan, Where in the world did you find a employee that checks oil ???

    It could have pushed the top seal up out of the block, But before you remove the flywheel put two BIG screwdrivers on it first.

    Locate one on the carb side and the other on the other side and try rocking the flywheel back and forth, Rock hard on it and watch for excessive play. These Kawi's are known for wearing top crankshaft bearings thus beating the seal out, There's no replacement bearing for this situation......
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    Restrorob does 23 horsepower kawa. have this problem? How many hours before someone has this type of problem?
  4. Restrorob

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    I've seen this on 19's/23's and 25's..... Hours doesn't have as much to do with it over proper maintenance. *crickets chirping*

    Use quality brand straight weight oil changed every 50/75 hrs instead of the recommended 100 hrs, Keep the cylinder cooling fins/flywheel area clean of grass debris and air filter clean. Doing this will decrease the chances of this issue occurring.
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    I saw a 21 hp kaw with 182 hours 2 years old leaking from both top and bottom seal. Far as i know it is a throw away motor with no way to replace the bushings. However i have seen liquid cooled kaws with more than 2000+ hours and 16yrs old with no leaks and still running strong. I have seen more failures on mowers that the engine is in the rear. So my guess is an air filter/cooling problem.
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    Mine did the same thing, had about 2600 hours on it, and I know the upper bushing is shot, I can move the crank around freely to the point that I had to readjust the coil air gaps to keep them from hitting the flywheel. It's in a walk behind I use for trimming and ruff areas only. Pulled the flywheel and replaced the seal....staking in the new one with a punch around the outer portion of the seal. so far so good and that was about 70 hours ago. Yes I know it's not the proper "fix" but its cheaper then a new engine or mower....
  7. South Florida Lawns

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    Thanks Rob you are awesome!

    Oh and my one guy will never sit still after blowing he runs to the trailer tops everything off with fuel string line and if theres enough time fluids in the mowers.

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