Oil level in 26hp kohler

Discussion in 'eXmark' started by chariot, Oct 24, 2002.

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    I have Lazer with EPS, 26hp. I have just changed the oil for the second time and noticed the same thing as the first time changing.
    The book specifies 2 quarts, when I put in two quarts it is above the full mark. I was worried and drained it only to find out that it was actually 2 quarts. Question: do I use 2 quarts or do I fill it to the "full" line? Anyone else see this? Thanks
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    This is normal. The crankcase probably only holds about 1.5 qts. The filter will hold another .3 qts. I talked to the guys in the lab and they will generally add 1.75 qts. at an oil change and can still get a slightly over-full reading.

    I did talk to Kohler and they calculate the oil capacity based on an engine that has never had any oil in it. When you drain the oil you never get all of it out of the crankcase, oil coolers, from the top of the engine etc.

    Part of the issue may also have even more to do with the filter capacity. Kohler offers about 4 different filters of varying capacities for these engines but only one manual.

    You may want to try adding 1.75 qts. and then run the engine briefly to charge the filter and then re-check the level.


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    If you pull it Out wipe It off then put it back in and Pull It out again It should read full. All the one's I Have are like that. A freind Has a 26 And It was Over because He Was sold a filter for a walker Mower. they need a shorter filter( No room). another reason I like the 26 (No Oil left Over).
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    So basically, I need to be at the "full" mark regardless of what it takes to get it there. I think the filter I am using is the 52 050 02, if I remember correctly. Thanks for you help and for eXmark being a part of this forum.

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