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    I have 06 hustler mini z 36in the oil light and hour meter do not work i bought this mower used i replaced the hour meter and it still does not work have not done any thing whith oil light yet.allso left side hydro leaks its zt 2800 its leaking where the two screws under the bottom hold this small cover for gerotor i took it off and replaced the oring it stopped the leak but the second time i used mower it started leaking again can you get me the part # for that oring im thinking the oring i used might not have been thick enough or do you think it might be a torque problem i tightned it snug afraid to tightin any more
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    Your going to need to test your wiring harness under the control panel and look for where the power is (or isn't).
    As to the o ring, email me and I will email you back the parts and service manual for the hydro, this will help you out and make sure your ordering the right parts.


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