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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by hdtvluvr, May 9, 2006.

  1. hdtvluvr

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    I've been reading these forums and learning a lot. I'm thinking of getting a backpack blower. Do all of them use a 50:1 mix? I have a 9 year old Ryobi string trimmer that uses 32:1 mix. Does everyone have 2 different mixes or do you buy units that only use the 50:1? Maybe all of the new trimmers and blowers use 50:1?

    How long would the Ryobi last if I started using 50:1 in it?

    BBQBLiTZ LawnSite Member
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    I would use two mixes. I've blown up a couple weedwackers and a dirtbike by not mixing enough oil in.
  3. newz7151

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    MAYBE 5-10 minutes. Being a Ryobi, you're lucky to have gotten 9 years out of it. So, if you just want to see what happens when a 2 cycle burns up or locks up, you can put a 50:1 mix in it. A 50:1 mix is less oil than a 32:1.
  4. dfischer

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    Well, there are really several inter-related facts the lead to an answer to your question.

    1) You can always use more oil in an engine, less can be bad.

    2) The ratio specified is based on the recommended oil. There are other oils that will allow a lower old:fuel ratio.
    a. A good synthetic will allow a lower ratio (higher number), and will ever so slightly richen the mixture up a bit at the same time. (if you use less oil in the mix, then the carb is metering more gasoline for the same size opening)

    b. Be wary of oils that claim they support 50:1 but are only really thicker base stock. As I recall golden spectro does that.

    Personally, I only keep one premix ration around, and it's mixed @ 37:1 using very good (motul) synthetic. I run it in things that called for as low as 24:1. I'd happily use 32:1, but Motul comes in an odd size and a bottle of it w/5 gallons just happens to be 37:1
  5. dfischer

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    Oh yes, I did a fair bit of research into 2 stroke oils a bit back. My conclusions where:

    Best: Motul 800 2T
    Better: Yamalube 2r
    Good: MC1

    And the bit about blowing up the Ryobi from using 50:1? Probably not gonna happen with any decent oil, and certainly not gonna hurt it with any of the ones I just listed. Of course you'll note I'm running 37:1, with them even though they're rated to 50:1 in direct replacement of 32:1 mixes. I just want a bit more protection for the engines.
  6. aDreamSoReal

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    I rebuild motors for a living. I wouldn't take this advice.
  7. aclassic

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    what about those 2 cycle oils that dont matter what the ratio is supposed to be. i dont know how it works, but supposedly theres no measuring to figure ratios. the bottle is good for all of them
  8. aDreamSoReal

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    They all matter what the ratio is. The ones you are talking about are for a predetermined amount of fuel. Most will tell you on the back how to mix for the right ratio. You can also buy big mixing cups that hold 1 to 2 gallons of fuel.

    Why burn out your equipment prematurely? It's easy as pie to lean to mix it correctly. Not enough oil will seize the engine. Too much will cause it to smoke and run like crap. Take the time and do it right. I see people who don't take the time to do things right everyday, and they pay big bucks to fix crap, or buy new.

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