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I know this has been covered before here, and on other sites... But, I haven't really found the answer I want. I have a Lazer 25/60 with 86 hours (homeowner), and this will be the 3rd year I run it. Obviously, I want this machine to last a long time, and am wondering should I make the switch to a full synthetic or semi-syn. I change the oil now twice a season, and cost is really not an issue, due to the low quantity needed. It is a Kohler 25hp, and currently I use 10W30 non-synthetic.

If yes then what weight/brand of syn?

I realize this would be a better suited question for Kohler, but their website did not have a forum like this.



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With those few hours it will last forever regardless of what brand oil you use.

But...Opti-4 is the best out there for small engines. Its the most expensive too. It saved me a motor once. I run it in all motors from 2 hp Briggs to 23 kawi.


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Hoss is probably correct. The mowers going to be around a good long time on any good quality petroleum oil.

The synthetic oil certainly won't hurt anything and it can make a big difference in engine life in some applications. I've ran synthetic in various engines and believe in synthetic lubricants. There's not specific brand that I would recommend however I do like the Mobil product. Kohler has done some testing with this oil as well from what I've been told they did see some performance advantages over petroleum oils.

If you have a brand you like I'd stick with it. Kohler recommends a 10W30.



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