oil pressure light on super mini z 24 hp

Discussion in 'Hustler Turf Equip (Archived)' started by hustler1, Oct 11, 2003.

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    My dealer fixed the problem of my oil pressure light going on at idle after the machine is warmed up. However...now I'm getting an occasional oil pressure light when I throttle down, and some blips of it at idle sometimes. I obviously cannot monitor the light while cutting and have no idea whats going on during normal use...is this normal? He recognized the problem with the light going on at idle as soon as I told him about it and said Honda had a repair kit for it...something about some units had gotten out of the factory without a plate somewhere. But is this new problem recognized and repairable or am I in for some serious problem further down the road?
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    Have you told your dealer that the light is coming on again ?
    I would definately have it back to him if it is on again.
    What did he do to fix it already ?
    Let me know

  3. hustler1

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    He sent it to the Honda warranty dealer to add some kind of plate inside the engine.....he said the Honda facility was aware of the problem instantly when he told them about it. Apparently some units got out of the factory incorrect. Now however...its only doing it occasionally, like when de-accelerating or going down to idle...then the light goes off. He said hes going to call the Honda warranty dealer and ask them about it. I'm waiting for him to call me right now.....

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