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Oil Question.


LawnSite Bronze Member
Is it ok to use 10w 30 on air cooled engine like power rakes, lawn vacs, mowers etc.?

Or is SAE 30 manditory?


LawnSite Fanatic
Briggs recommends 30W above 40 degrees, Unless you will be raking below 40 I would stick with the 30W.


Midwest Lawn Services

LawnSite Member
St. Charles, MN
my first mower, 1988 craftsman, has been run on 10-30 since 1988, all that time...and not one engine problem, uses about 1/10 quart between changes! current hours:1023

Mark in MD

LawnSite Senior Member
I've found that my Kawi engines tend to consume more oil when I use 10w-30 instead of the recommended SAE 30. SAE 30 is a little harder to find nowadays, for some reason.