oil syphon pump extractor gets every drop out?

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by roody2333, Dec 5, 2018.

  1. roody2333

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    for a small push mower vertical shaft engine, might just do a test and measure how much was put in and how much was extracted right after (by first using the drain plug under the engine to make sure everything that's in there already is drained, then measure what's put in)
    but figured someone here should know - a cheap like $10 syphon, will it get every drop out? Is there a special technique or at least should tip the engine a tad bit towards the syphon hose location?

    Bigger machines with drain plugs near engine mount are no problem, I just tilt them back towards the plug and leave it for a while, don't really need a syphon for that but with 190cc vertical shaft mower engine I hate tipping it, and hate propping it up to use the plug under the deck. When I tilt it out like recommended, I find I have to turn the mower completely upside down to get more oil out, it's strange it will be tipped 45 degrees or more and no more oil comes out, then I tip it completely upside down and maybe a few tablespoons come out then it stops, then when I bring it back to 45 degrees again a lot more oil comes out. And gas drips out the gas tank cap, I installed fuel shutoff valves but still concerned gas might get into oil basin.
    Also bit of a PITA to prop machine up and use the drain plug underneath but will do that if a syphon isn't reliable to get everything out.
    Basically depends on if the bottom of the oil basin is flat without humps that the oil would need to flow over in order to meet the syphon hose, and I don't know about that. thankl you
  2. BigFish

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    Can anyone de siphon what he said ?

    JLSLLC LawnSite Fanatic
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    I couldn’t, as expected..

    IMHO i don’t think you can get every drop of oil out of an engine... unless you’ve broken it down..

    Wouldn’t worry about it either
  4. Mow-Daddy.com

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    I certainly wouldn't turn mower completely upside down just to get every drop out.
    Don't over think everything ruddy.
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  5. GoPappy

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    Roody, do you really think you're getting every drop out when you use the drain plug? You're not.

    I agree with Mow-Daddy: Don't overthink things.
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  6. BigJlittleC

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    Most engines have a spec for oil amount. So when you do your oil change you should use that spec. Then verify with dipstick. A few drops of old oil will always be left behind don't sweat it.
  7. BigFish

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    I'd say the last dozen or so mowers I've serviced didn't have no drain plugs in the bottom. The mfg. prolly did away with 'em years ago, right?
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  8. rlitman

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    I have a vacuum oil extractor I like to use. It's pretty good, but VERY slow if the oil is cold. In my vehicles, I've found that you have to be careful, as dipstick tubes take a curvy path into the oil pan, and it becomes easy for the extraction tube to get bent around in the oil pan and start sucking air from the top of the pan if you insert too much. In my lawnmower, that's not an issue, as I can easily stick the tube right to the bottom of the gearcase.
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  9. OP

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    ok yea 'every drop' was the wrong term, I just meant I'm hoping an extractor doesn't leave a decent amount especially since sediment falls to the bottom.

    I will check if there's a drain plug under engine, drain it that way since I think it will get more out than tipping, measure what I fill back in, run it warm, extract and measure. I guess I should just email briggs/Honda for questions like this, with model #, they probably know exactly what.
  10. dieselss

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    what a waist.

    I bet they just love getting YOUR emails

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