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    Hello Lenny and Fred!

    This will be my only dumb question today. I have decided to run full synthetic oil in my honda powered metro. I have heard of people running 10-30 and I have heard that it should be straight 30 weight. My machine is old ( 10+ years) and it runs great. Will you please set me straight on this because I can't take much more. LOL Also if it is 30 weight, where do I find a straight weight full synthetic. I guess that is 2 dumb questions but it is all I will ask...today.

    Thanks you guys and YOU GUYS ROCK!!

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    You should run straight 30 oil in your Honda. Amsoil offers a straight 30 weight full synthetic oil.:) ;) :) ED
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    Rixtag Oil?

    I'm sorry it took me so long to respond. I had to get a hold of the people from Honda to answer this one. I have to watch my back when I go giving advice about other people's product.

    I called one of our Distributors that does warranty for Honda. He tells me that it really wouldn't matter if you ran straight 30W or 10W-30 in a synthetic oil, for their engine. He says that in conventional oil to get the multi weight they add plastics to the oil. This can cause varnishing in their engines, especially in hotter climates. I would also bet that oil consumption would increase also. That is why they recommend a straight 30W in regular oil. He also stated that synthetic offers superior lubrication. He recommended on a new engine that you wait 25 to 30hrs before you change it over, so the engine is broke-in. I think your Metro is past that by a few hours.

    We know that synthetic oil can take much higher temps than regular oil and greatly reduces friction. Once again I apologize for taking so long, but I had to get it straight from the horses mouth. I hope this cleared the water for you.

    Thanks Fred.
  4. rixtag

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    Thanks Fred, I appreciate the way that you talk to the horse. LOL


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