1. Mark the lawn boy

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    Hey Guys,
    I have a 21" Gold series LAWN-BOY and have been using STIHL 50:1 oil. I was wondering if I should only be using 32:1 LAWN-BOY oil because thats what it says on the cap and thats what the LAWN-BOY dealer said. Is STIHL oil good enough or is there a certain type of oil thats the best for my mower?
    Allso what oil might be the best to use in my shindaiwa and STIHL trimmers?
  2. greenman

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    You need to use the correct ratio of oil/gas for the particular machine. Trimmers or 2-cycle mower may be 40:1, blowers may be 50:1, Lawn-boy is probably 32:1. If you are not using enough oil in the gas, that's like running a 4 stroke with not enough oil in it, or vice-versa (too much oil will make it smoke very bad). I use 40:1, even for 50:1(a little more oil is better than not enough).
  3. tiedeman

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    yup, don't put any guess work into the ratio. Actually measurement it out. In the past when I first started out I would just eye ball the color..big mistake..lost 3 trimmers in 2 years. I finally learned though.

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