Oils for Stihl other than Stihl Ultra, Amsoil, and Opti 2

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Scagmower48, Mar 4, 2010.

  1. Scagmower48

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    Does anybody use Stihl Handhelds, but does not use the Stihl Ultra, Amsoil Sabre, or Opti 2? If so what oils do you use, and how have they performed. I have used Stihl Ultra in my units for the past two years and they have been great but the price is outrageous. $65 for a gallon oil is just not right. I would like to switch brands but I am worried about how they will perform. I have read about Amsoil but Im afraid to mix it 80:1 or 100:1 and then use it in a chainsaw, and if I mix it at 50:1 then there is hardly any cost savings.
  2. yardguy28

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    i run all stihl blowers, trimmer, edgers and i buy my oil at lowes. can't think of the brand but it comes in these containers that have built in measuring cups at the top. you just squeeze the bottle.

    2.6 oz for each gallon of gas and it covers all ratio's.
  3. SouthSide Cutter

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    All I have ever used is the Amsoil HPDI injector oil. Use it in my outboards and all my Stihl and Echo equipment. Never had a problem. I mix 5gal at a time 50:1, premium gas and a can of seafoam. Think the oil is around 24.00 a gal.
  4. topsites

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    If it's a matter of price, and I could be wrong...
    But if such were the case, I wouldn't recommend undercutting the quality of those oils mentioned.

    Stihl is one of the best pieces of machine on the market, hence we should only run the best fluids in them, nothing less.
    Yet another reason why I run 93 premium exclusively, never put a cheaper fluid in a high grade machine.
  5. rstan2010

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    Would there be a problem running Amsoil 100:1 in a Stihl chainsaw
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  6. SouthSide Cutter

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    I run 50:1 on a 310, 360 and a 460 and have never had trouble I dont know if I would go that far. Maybe you can.
  7. White Gardens

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    I run Opti-2 in all my equipment and will never go back to any other type of 2-cycle oil.

    I may try the Amsoil someday, but I'm assuming I would get the same excellent results.
  8. Merkava_4

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    What's the price of that Opti-2 and can you buy it by the quart?
  9. Alan0354

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    I can only speak for myself, I use Amsoil and love it. I use about 60:1. I like the smell the best.
  10. Merkava_4

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