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    I am using cenex oil currently - my Dad works at a Coop that sell it and I get a decent price.

    I have a guy that stops all the time trying to sell Amsoil.

    The other day a guy dropped a card wondering if I would like to sell/distribute schaffer oil.

    These oils have everything, hydro, gas engine, diesel engine, grease's etc. What do you guys run in your equipment? One oil better than another? sythenic oil or regular oil? Options - and more options.
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    Thats the question i came on here looking for,,,, my 33 hp generacs have burned a little oil since new, love them but this makes me nervous, have always run penzoil 10w 30 but heard somewhere castrol will cut down on this, other than that, was thinking of going to royal purple or amsoil...

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