Ok, Ford it is, now gas or diesel?

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by Hoopsfan, Aug 15, 2002.

  1. Hoopsfan

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    I've decided to go with Ford. Now I need your thoughts on gas vs. diesel. I plan on pushing snow in the winter and pull mowers in the summer. Also, is it true you can't put a plow on a crew cab? Somebody told me that but I find it hard to believe. I'd like the crew cab for the room, but will get the xcab if I can't put a plow on the crew.

  2. Randy J

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    I would certainly perfer a diesel, but that may limit how big a plow you put on. Diesel adds a lot of weight, but I'm sure there's no problem with anything less than the largest vee plows. And you could always add helper springs. The diesel is going to cost a lot more, but will get better fuel mileage, and should last longer (even the power stroke, ha!) than a gas motor.
  3. Gravel Rat

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    I'am going to a diesel truck not brandnew and hopefully a PSD its going tobe a F-350 4x4 dually cab and chassis with a 161 wb so I can put a 12x8 dump deck on it. I have a F-Superduty now and its fuel appetite is killing me the best average mpg I get with the truck is 7.5 and when the truck is loaded I'am down to 4 to 6.

    Sure F-Superduties are good haulers but I think the less carrying capacity with the F-350 is gonna out weigh the cons with owning a F-450 truck.

    Good luck Hoopsfan you can't go wrong with a PSD powered crewcab they are good tough trucks atleast Ford builds trucks for the working class people.

    Last thing going for diesel is worth it here in B.C. Canada diesel fuel per gallon is 3.06 and reg gas is 3.42 per gallon I can get diesel even cheaper if I buy it in bulk (not marked).
  4. bam

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    My personal vehicle is a diesel 250 and at work a majority of our trucks are 450 diesels. if you can afford it, I would get the diesel.

    as far as cab configurations and plows, ford does limit it, figuring a fully loaded diesel crew cab would max out the front axle with a plow added on to it also. However, if one or two men are in a crew cab and some ballast was put in the bed you would have no problems. You just need to find a dealer who will work with your needs. Also, the heaviest front end springs for the 250-550 line are the x-springs. If you swap out your springs for the x-springs, you basically have the ford plow package.

    With a diesel and a 350, I think you can only get the plow package with the regular cab. With the 350 gas, the engine obviously weighs less, and ford may allow a super or crew cab with plow on it. Just talk to the dealer about it.
  5. Brickman

    Brickman LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Always a diesel. Unless we are talking GM. Then I would go gas. Look at the 350 engine.
  6. Randy J

    Randy J LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Actually Brickman, I'm going to disagree with you on this one also. Although, not my style, and not an engine (or truck) I would buy, looks like the Duramax is proving to be a fine engine. The problem I have with it, is what a lot of people like, it's designed to run like a gas engine. It makes it's power at higher rpm, as opposed to lower. There's all kinds of bashing of the Duramax on the TDR (Dodge) website, but I've heard of few actual real problems with it.
    I will say though, if I were going for a gas engine, I'd probably have to consider GM first. I do believe they make better gas engines (even better than Dodge's 318/360 - of course we'll have to see about the new Hemi).

    Man, this is killing me, defending a GM product, :)

  7. Brickman

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    Aluminum head on a cast iron block, with one big O ring for a gasket. To me that spells trouble, different expansion rates for two different metals. And the high compression ratios for the diesel. They don't even sound diesel. More like a weird gas.

    But hey, it is a good thing we don't all like ONE, other wise the price would be even worse inflated than it already is. Then we might have to pay $100K for a truck that at the most only has $20K of product and labor into it. There is no way in heck that a truck, I don't care if it is Ford, Chev, or Dodge is worth any $40K. It just flat isn't. But I guess they figure they need to make their money some where, so why not add a $20K profit to each one.

    Imagine the trouble there would be if we all wanted the same woman. Same with trucks.

    Randy I won't argue with you about the Cummins, (as long as it is the 12 valve), but I wouldn't want to buy a Dodge just to have the engine. :eek:
  8. 65hoss

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    Get the diesel for longevity and pulling power. Also, it will get better fuel economy than a gas burner pulling.
  9. we have a duramax one ton although we aint put a ton of miles on ours it driven in the business only and doesnt high high mileage yet.
    But My dad has a duramax pickup and he pulls a big boat all over this country ,he goes from here to texas to mississippi any where the hunting and fishing is good he will on a whim off and go to it, where they are catching em or shooting em.
    The old man can still haul *** and has put over 100 thousand miles on that motor not one problem yet.
    He works the hell out of his sometimes i think he lives in that truck:D
  10. m&m

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    go with the diesel , you wont regret it

    as for the duramax, yeah it does sound funny in a way....doesnt tick like a diesel normally does........but i have driven one with my trailer and it was loaded .......i must say hats off to the duramax, it is or seems like a very good engine .......didnt bog or slow one time when i had my flatbed behind it .......actually, it was pretty quiet for a diesel while under a load also......nice trucks

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