Ok guys here's the flood tip install

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by a plus bob, Jan 4, 2010.

  1. Rayholio

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    LOL I talked about doing this when I did the T3K and Zspray reviews..

    Really is a great idea though.. I've got all the parts except the nozzle..

    To be honest, I don't think I'll be using the boom for anything other than trimming in next season, and I bet it's not long before a boomless Z spray is available with this mod.. Good Stuff!

    One question.. The T3k (if memory serves) had a slight down angle on that nozzel.. seemed to mimize the forward spray.. and perhaps got more uniform coverage... Have you tried calibration with the new tip?
  2. Rayholio

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    just noticed the Turfco bob thing.. his comment wasn't rude. and it WAS Quite right.. imitation is the ultimate form of flattery.. and this is imitation.

    After using the T3K for a couple months, and still owning a Z, I called LT rich and told them I wanted the T3K nozzel on my Z.. They had never had that request before.. didn't have access to the nozzels, and didn't know where to mount it.. I talked them into sending me the hose and fittings. (never did order the nozzle, because the summer and fall apps are all granular with me.). I wrote on this forum that it was a mod I would be doing... It sparked some interest at the time, and I would be stunned if my call wasn't the 1st of many asking for the T3K style nozzle.. Now they appearantly not only stock the nozzle, but an entire retro-fit kit.. Why is that?

    If this is not imitation, then show me one other commercial applicator that uses this.. where was it 'discovered' by lawn applicators? T3K IS the pioneer here, and they got it SO right, that in order to keep up with customer demand, other applicators are copying as needed..

    Nothing wrong with that.. but don't jump on bobs back for it.. He just thought that maybe he should get the credit he earned when pioneering this set-up. Give the T3k it's props.
  3. grassman177

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    you know, most of the time i can agree with you, but i think my post was every bit of called for and he really does his company very poorly with his remarks on here. that alone is a great reason to never do business with turfco, ever ever ever ever.

    i am sorry rayholio, but you are way off on your comments. there is no imitaion, just choices. choices are everything in our industry. remember, they too made a boom as an afterthought as seems there is a real great reason to run those with ai tips huh. Hmmmmmmm. well, i think that pretty much sums it up
  4. sprayboy

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    Wonder if he was out drinking with friends.
  5. rcreech

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    Looks like Turfo has another follower!

    That makes 2!

    Keep up the great work Bob! :laugh:

    Ray, Turfco deserves a "Pioneer award" for the flood tip as much as Obama deserved the Nobel Peace Prize!

    These tips are nothing new my friend! Now if they would have partnered with Hypro and designed the tip...they would then be Pioneer's.

    Everyone know that Rayholio has a problem with LT Rich.

    Don't know why and don't really care...but everyone on here knows where he is coming from!

    Pioneer Rayholio.......come on! :laugh:
  6. a plus bob

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    To be honest Ray I played with it a while and didnt get much farther.Ray at LT RICH is doing some research for specs.
  7. turfcobob

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    First off smarty pants it is not a "Flood Tip" and The T was the first machine to use it in this manner. Which the tip was not designed to do. As a Farmer you should know what it's real use is. Turfco tested this nozzle to find the alternate use ( lawn spraying ) and applied it to this use on the T3000. So do not act like you are a bunch of innovators when you are in fact making copies.
  8. NattyLawn

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    Assman, Turfco Bob is 55 year old man and a Vietnam vet to boot. I spoke to him and he seems like a good guy. He ran down my list of questions and offered a no pressure sales pitch for his machine. The way you spoke to him was very disrespectful, and if anyone spoke to your Dad that way, I'm sure you would be pissed.

    That being said, Rayholio brought the spray tips things up in July, and couldn't get the parts from your holiness LT Rich. Now all of a sudden it's available and you idiots are creaming your shorts. Face it, it's a copy of the T3K spray tip. So what. Most of the ride on builders copy each other anyway.
  9. turfcobob

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    Rod you are out of line here. Grow up.
  10. ted putnam

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    The top and bottom edges of the Z boom are angled, probably not the correct angle. This is something I also took note of on the T ( that the nozzle was angled down toward the ground). I was thinking a couple of small "U's" to hold the nipple fitting in place at the proper angle on the top edge of the center of the boom might do the trick. It would also bring the whole assembly back some making it less of a 3 inch nose getting slammed in the door. They make a swivel tip but it seems to me that would be getting knocked out of adjustment easily. Some of my thoughts.. take them for what they're worth.

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