Ok guys here's the flood tip install

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by a plus bob, Jan 4, 2010.

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    #1 - Ok it is a "flood pattern" not a flood tip (tomato...tumato)

    #2 - Yes I farm and I use one tip.....the AI - Never used Hypro unitl the Z as I always used T Jet and am a big fan of thier product

    #3) - We never said we were innovators...all we did was add a SPRAY TIP to our machine.

    Did you invent the spray tip?

    If not...you are not an innovator either!

    It is called competition and every company looks at each other and tries to make it better. This is America and of course there are a ton of similarities.

    I could have put the same tip on as the PG as it don't really matter to me. Same results!
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    Just have'n fun Bob and trying to make a point!

    If you didn't want to play in this game...you shouldn't have checked yourself into the game.

    This was a very civil and good thread until you jumped in.

    Very typical as we will have a good thread going and a "T person" comes in because they can't take it.

    Sorry Bob...but you know that Z has it going on, and it really gets to you seeing everyone circle around them and singing cumbaaaayaaaaa together!

    As I have always stated you have a fine machine and I almost bought one...but its just not what I was lookng for. You can't come on a thread like this and not expect to get some negative attention with what you said!

    When you post...it is typically negative and doesn't portray your attitude in a positive manner. Just becaue you have been doing this 30 years doesn't fly when it comes to opinion!

    I know you Bob and you are a great guy...but keep the stupid comments off here and you will be much farther ahead!

    I know you could say the same thing to me...but the difference is I AM NOT A SUPPLIER so I can't lose business by posting on here!

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    i dont feel disrespectful and feel right on point, usually i stay away from confrontations AS I AM A PEACEFUL GUY, but i just dont like the turfco bob, he always comes off as very pompous. anyways,if you look at my original post i felt very fair in that i was comending both ride ons for providing choices, but that zspray was not just copying them. look deeper into my comments and thoughts please as i meant no disrespect, but a firm realistic approach to his comments. somehow, someof you took them wrong and this sparked a fight in which i dont want any part of and am done with it, jsut take it for what it is worth guys, i said it with respect and carefully worded the original post for that in mind
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    I'm afraid that spray booms were around long before the Z spray.. The've been in use since the day lawn spraying was invented. If turfco makes a boom, Then who does it owe props to? it's so old that it's public domain.. so no one.

    The boomless single tip spraying on the otherhand IS new to lawn application. It was ONLY available on the T3K, and no where else. the Z-spray is the 2nd adopter.. and surely not the last. I don't know why it's a big deal... No one is asking you to buy a T3K..

    LT rich has a long history of building the product that the customer wants.. They started with a stand on mower with a hopper and tank.. as customer complaints, and suggestions come in, they adapt to meet the specific customers need.. almost instantly. They are not in the business of invention, but rather adaptation.

    T3k has offered more INVENTION in the 1st design than Z has in its whole existance. Who else used a lawn tractor as a stand on? 100% belt driven design? Etc.. It's all new. incuding the hyflo tip. It's NOT ALL good either.. but I can tell you without a doubt that we NEED more invention, and less imitation.. the indroduction of this boomless nozzle proves that..

    and just wait til you use it.. You don't go back to that boom.. The hyflo is great in wind.. doesn't require swerving around trees, More uniform coverage. and wider.. OF COURSE it should be on the Z... shoulda been on it about 5 years ago.

    Look.. I have no bias against LT Rich.. I own and operate a Z jr.. I'm not 100% happy with it.. it has bugs... but I love the spreader op, and electric componants.. The T3K tip will help a LOT.. I wasn't real happy with the T3K either.. just mainly its hill performance and spray system rocked. BOTH machines are somewhat of a let-down.. and at the same time easily cost justified. I'm just still waiting on that 'perfect' machine.

    What DOES bug me is all the flak Z users dish out on here.. Do you guys HONESTLY believe that Z pioneered this boomless single tip design? If not.. where do you suppose they heard about it? Well... FROM ME! they told me as much.

    So.. AGAIN.. just because I don't worship at the alter of the Z doesn't mean that I hate it.. You Z guys are as nuts as global warming kooks..
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    I posted about adding this to my Z never claimed to invent,think up,or design only said I added it.Wait until a T guy post about adding a boom,hose reel,extra tank,etc I will be sure to return the Favor.....The Lt Rich guys didnt even offer it until they had enough request for it.They have even added a boom option to the JR 36 because most people want the boom and AI nozzles.Like it's been said before they build what the people want not give them what they want to sell!I hate to speak for LT RICH but they dont get on here and flame:blob2:every time sombody post on a T 3000.
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    I don't see his Dad going out looking for a fight Though big difference
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    After reading all of this I realize how much it means to me to do business with a company that truly listens to what its users want and need.
    Thank you, L.T. Rich.
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    C'mon Ray. Do You really believe the T3K is INVENTION. Get real!!! Hell...They...NO...We're all in the adaptation business. Manufacturers and Users. Hypro just recently developed the nozzle and Turfco adapted it for use for use on THEIR lawn applicator. I think lawn tractors have been around as long or longer than boom sprayers and Turfco adapted it for use as an applicator platform. You're going way out on a limb with some of your comments and as far as the last sentence in your post...Kind of a blanket statement...don't you think???
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    Well, it's all relative I guess.. the 1st house couldn't have been invention because wood allready existed.. and people had homes.. in caves.. So using wood to build a home is just copying other things.. Sorry.. guess I didn't see it before! :hammerhead::hammerhead:
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    I was getting worried that I would have to get rid of my refrigerator, Chevy, and a ton of stuff cuz it was not from the original inventor.
    WOW! I am definitely relieved!!!!:usflag:

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