Ok guys here's the flood tip install

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by a plus bob, Jan 4, 2010.

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    Yeah.. I figure it would take quite a complicated system to make it accurate.. but it wouldn't have to be TOO accurate to take liquid iron, and a few of the other cemicals that we have to apply in massive amounts that eat up pumps.. Maybe even compost tea and the like would be good uses..

    I was thinking about finding a hose end sprayer and experimenting with it.. but all of them that I've found are designed for 55+psi at the end.. kinda high for what I want :)
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    It puzzles me why none of the ride-on manufacturers have adopted this technology yet... it is not like the technology isn't available. I'm sure Raven and similar controllers are not cheap, but it should be able to easily be incorporated as an OPTION that the user can decide if they want to pay for.
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    that really would be very usefull for many reasons. i want that on my next zspray!!! hehe. i dont think we will buying another one for quite some time as the machines are going to be good in service for many years
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    You're right there!! They will last many, many years with proper care.
    I am purchasing threaded socks soon as I plan to screw my socks on this season, therefore spending VERY little!!
    Praise and Hallelujah!
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    Teejet 834. I rigged that on a truck with a 10 ft boom and 100 gallon skid. Sprayed over 10 acres in one day without any problems. You have the choice of a magnetic speed pick up, induction pick up, ground radar or GPS. Not cheap by any means, but that made spraying a hot mix of 2,4-D, Banvel and metsulfuron foolproof.
  6. Rayholio

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    It also needs to do auto-calibration of granular apps.. :)
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    The PG Magnum only runs 1 tip for boomless spraying. There are four tips total but they are for different speeds and widths but only use 1 at a time.

    If you turn up the tip to a 45 degree angle you can easily get 12-13 ft out of it.

    BETTER make sure the wind isn't blowing though!

    I would have a boomless tip on my Z no matter if T would have come out with it or not. I would have just ran a regular flood if nothing else.

    One of the reasons I stayed away from the Z for a while was the boom...but I have since come to love it, but boomless still shines in a few areas.
  8. brizine

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    Can someone tell me the difference between the permagreen boomless tip and the t3000 boomless tip. I had a permagreen and hated the boomless tip, just to much drift. Is the tip the t3000 uses that much better? If so what tip does it use?
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    And another complicating factor. Is the coverage even? Does it wet the grass (or concrete) evenly? Uniformly all the way across the 13 feet? Spray for 3 seconds and let it dry--are there hot spots? Thin spots?
    What happens when going down a hill? Uphill? Upwind? Downwind?

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