Ok guys lets see your compact tractors !!

Discussion in 'Tractors' started by Fordguy, Mar 7, 2009.

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    Enjoy all of your pics so here is some of mine.



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    actually the 400cx only lifts 250lbs or so more than the 400x loader unit.

    I swore it was more too :/ And the adapter "skid steer style" plates were still an option and can be had on BOTH models, if you plan to use them, theyre actually BETTER on the 400x b/c the self levelers mess up the plates when trying to mount a bucket, "one left paddle can be out forward more or less than the right paddle" , if you understand what im trying to say... sometimes i have to just get out and line both up if weve moved them too much with the hydraulic lever inside
  4. Ducati996

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    "Only 250 lbs or so"....that by itself is significant itself but Deere states it being 25-30% more, so it is indeed more than what you said....

    Quik-ParkĀ™ Mounting allows easy installation or removal of loader

    Loader boom is contoured for improved forward visibility

    Mechanical self-leveling:
    Keeps load level as customers raise and lower the boom
    Makes customers more efficient and allows for easier operation

    Improved durability over 400X - 6mm, high tensile-strength to ensure long life and durability

    25-30% more lifting capacity than the 400X

    Optional skid steer carrier - allows for use and quick change with skid steer attachments

    Again the pluses so much outweigh the negatives (price difference maybe one?)....the 400x is not a desired FEL and it will impact resale....they should no longer offer the 400x, or any of the X option (200x, 300x, 400x), causes more harm than good
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    Here's mine: 2010 3520 with 300CX FEL and Frontier 1172 RB. Also have a Frontier CA 2060. Getting ready to order a 5ft KK Rototiller and QA Pallet Forks. Thats my father with his old reliable JD 730. We're retired dairy farmers since 1998.
    He's the original Iron Man. The dude is 91 years old. Last year he tripped going down the stairs in the garage and hit the car's front fender with his shoulder. Put a big dent in the fender and he kept on going like nothing happened. Not even a bruise.

    Couple of years ago he was walking up the front steps to a house and tripped, struck the bottom panel of the storm door and blew it right off the door. Got up and went inside like nothing happened. Sorry I know this is about tractors but he's my Dad and my best buddy so I had to give him his props.

    He was glad I went green. So am I, I love my 3520.




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    very cool tractor and cool story about your Dad...enjoy them both :) !
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    hey nice pics what part of the shore are you on?? i was working down Cambridge for a while still go down to oxford with my pop for fishing all the time.
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    Nothing wrong with the memories you share. :) Nice pics, and thanks for sharing.
  9. LHS Lawns

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    Thanks for all your kind words guys.
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    Please excuse my ignorance, but can someone explain (or point me to a link) as to why a tractor is/can be more valuable than a skid steer. My experience is deep with skid steer's but non-existant with tractors.

    By the way, I really respect and enjoy the many tractor owner's that take great care and pride in their tractor of choice. It's just awsome!


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