Ok guys lets see your compact tractors !!

Discussion in 'Tractors' started by Fordguy, Mar 7, 2009.

  1. LHS Lawns

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    The tractor I bought is more applicable towards the services I offer in my lawncare/landscape business.
  2. ChicagoLawn

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    LHS....... makes complete sense to me.

    Just wondering what the main points were in considering a tractor VS. skid steer (of any kind).

    My general observations are that a tractor: Has a faster transport speed, use of rear mounted attachments, taller for improved visibility, larger overall size can assist in lifting more weight with ease, service life is greater due to being more "distant" from work, more spacious cab, etc.

    Please tell me where I'm going wrong or what have I missed.

    Thanks again!
  3. Jelinek61

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    I've operated both skid steers and tractors quite a bit and they both have their strong points. I've found the skid steer type machine is better for bucket visability, breakout force, lift height, and lift capacity when compared to a tractor of similar horsepower and weight. However; most tractors have a better road speed to transport between tasks like snow plowing, they keep you out of the dust better if you are using a harley rake or similar attachment on the 3pt hitch, they can have two attachments on at once like i use a bucket on the loader while having a harley rake on the back so i can move dirt with the bucket and rake it out without having to change attachments, and another thing is tractors normally cause less damage when running them on existing turf.
  4. Upper5Percent

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    Just do NOT make a SHARP turn with a skid steer on SOD...even just straightline operations on soft soil can be bad...:rolleyes:

  5. Ducati996

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    Both are designed for specific reasons....for all around general use and applications, tractors have the edge.....for speed, power and maneuverability Track steer/Skid steer hands down.....cost factors really separate the two in a big way.....

    i know im just skimming the surface on the differences
  6. david bailey

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    I have both. I have a Takeuchi 140 and I have 3 Kubota tractors all spec'd to do different things.

    The Tak is real strong and great for digging/loading material and real good for grading. I can load a full size dump truck as well.

    I have a B 26 Kubota with a 4 in 1 bucket and a backhoe. It is superb at big jobs in a tight enviroment. I can fine grade,use the backhoe for a lot of work and landscaping.I can load my f 750 with this tractor too.

    I also have a L440 and this is my turf/utility tractor. I use it on sensitive turf and for doing some bushhogging/grass cutting.

    and then I have a grand L that I use for bush hogging and snow removal as well as a loader
  7. Darryl G

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    I don't know how I've missed this thread until now. Here's my 1998 JD 855. I've got the loader, hoe, 5 foot brush mower and 5 foot "York" rake. Rears are filled. 24HP 3 cylinder Yanmar diesel. Only 500 hours and change.

    tarptaco 005.jpg

    Karosismulch 003.jpg

  8. Upper5Percent

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    from Vermont
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    Holy Moly...LESS than 40 hours per year...Do you want to sell it?...:rolleyes:

    I think my 855 had 500 hours on it the first year...:)
  9. Darryl G

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    Not for sale but I put less than that on it. It had 140 hours on it when I bought it in 1999 or 2000...I know it was 1.5 years old at that point and I put most of my hours on it within a couple of years of having it. It doesn't go out on jobs very often. I mostly do maintenance work. It grades the driveway, turns the compost, hauls fire wood, drags brush and pushes the brush and leaf piles back. Does snow detail work at my place too. Rarely use the hoe anymore and haven't used the brush mower in years. The hour meter is RPM dependent so I'm sure the seat hours are a good bit higher.
  10. Grass Man93

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    Here is a pic of my dads tractor (right), 1958 Ford 861 Powermaster. The one in the middle is the one I have now, 1957 Ford 850 W/Loader (not in the pic).
    And my old one, (with the loader on it in the pic), 1957 Ford 640 W/Loader.


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