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Discussion in 'Seal Coating Forum' started by nitro121, Oct 25, 2007.

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    :laugh: We have a 600+ foot driveway that was installed year before last. The guy comes by this summer and says he can seal it for 900....our neighbors and other neighbor (he did all 3 of our driveways in the same week, but theirs are about 1/2 the size). So we're looking at almost 2 grand in 3 driveways.....not counting my mom's, in-laws and friends I could do.

    I started a lawn business 2 years ago....and I didn't have to buy 20 grand in equipment.

    I'm looking for a good package to maybe start this as another business, then maybe give up my real job and work for myself. Anyway....I would only concentrate on residential/small driveways. I've seen the plastic kit and a few others.

    Honestly...no BS...what is a good starter kit, that will just do the average 2 car wide driveways that are 40 feet long...most of our neighborhoods have those around here.

    I've read so much my eyes hurt. :laugh: And the posts just go totally off topic to this is junk, this is the best, you have to spend 10grand, etc..

    Less than 5 grand would be great in case this thing doesn't take off. But there are a lot of full time seal coat guys around here that just use a pick up truck set up. I live in Va. What is the sealing season? How do you apply it? Etc. Any knowledge is helpful.

  2. nitro121

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    For my situation, it seems the polycoat 275 plastic system would work. I just want to do residentials....if I even get past my driveway and relatives. But my driveway is over 600 feet, so even if this is an experiment that I hate, it cost the same as paying someone to do it one time. I know everyone bashes these systems but from the guys that ACTUALLY use/used them....they seem to work. Now the questions.

    1. Why not add sand to it...it's cheap, if it breaks 2 seasons early so what? replace the pump/compressor.

    2. What is the coat season in Va.?

    I don't plan on fixing cracks, potholes, etc.. We had a housing boom here over the past 5 years and there are tons of small driveways I could knock out. Well, that's the plan anyway.

  3. nitro121

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    1. What's the season in VA/or temp have to be not to seal...frost, under 50 outside??

    2. The plastic tank set up. Do I really need 275 gallon tank for 2 car, 40ft driveways?

    3. Does anyone know of a like a 150 system?

    4. Can I get by with hand agitation (w/ the plastic system...or small system) since I only plan on doing residential/small driveways?

    5. What's a regular size driveway take in seal materials....20 gallons?

    6. Do I need the clean the tank, hose, wand out after w/ water after every job? (I know the brushes go in a tank)

    6. b. If so, can't I just get a small system instead of transferring the sealant back in to a drum?

    7. What's the best seal to use in Va?...stays black the longest?...easy to work with?

    8. Do you need to treat every spot on the pavement besides oil? Ie...brake fluid, power stearing fluid, or anything else...I guess mainly oil.

    Thanks for the input.

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    If you haven't already, try going to pavementpro.com......, do a search for all your questions. I'm sure there's been topics about whatever you need. I'll tell ya right now, they're serious about sealcoating.
  5. nitro121

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    I'll go join them. I came across that sight by reading the threads here. I guess I should have started there. Thanks for the input.

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    bottom line is 500 gallon is the perfect size for every res.job you will ever do yet big enough to still get decent size lots done. proven specs for the least hassle 1 st you need air pump 2 inch pipeing hydrualic agitation and places to put everything you use i am selling a decent spray rig trailer mounted for 5800 $ wich is gonna give you at least 2 good seasons before you may need something better and you can sell it when your done for probally not a lost dime
    i posted it here and i am going to pennsvania friday or saturday could del if someone was intrestred

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