OK! I know I'm gonna

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Southern Lawns, Apr 3, 2001.

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    OK!:confused: I know I'm gonna hear it but I'm gonna ask it anyway.
    Not sure what to do about this paticular situation. I apply weed control in the bed areas and it gives the desired affect (for about a week) then a new crop of weeds start emerging and it looks like my application was not effective. I feel obligated to redo the job at no cost BUT I'm not sure that is right either. I can go on forever doing that and lose all profits. Is doing the job again and NOT charging for the chemical and only charging for labor time a viable solution. Should I set a time window and if it needs another application outside of that time it's a new job? What do you do? Thanks in advance for your time.
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    We do weekly weed control for our clients using Round-Up, each app is a charge. You are only killing the single weed, so new ones are germinating in a week. If you can leach two feet without touching a plant or turf you could use a sterilant like Sahara that will stop the weeds (and anything else) from germinating for about nine months.

    If you are close to ornamentals and turf, it's a weekly or bi-weekly chore of hand-pulling or round-Up through the growing period for the different weeds.

    Something that will help also is weed pre-emergent directly in the bed. I don't do this but I've heard pros talk about it.

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    Pre-M's work great - try snapshot it will not hurt perenials either.

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    The weed control you applied only works for the weeds sprayed, does nothing for the other seeds that are in the ground. Apply a pre-emergent to the beds and it should cure your problems.
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    Use Roundup mixed with Surflan, if you need a really quick knockdown you can add Scyth to the above mix. Use only the minimum labled ammount of Scythe in the mix, or it will burn off the top of the weed before the roundup has a chance to translocate. This should provide a weed free chem barrier for at least 6 months.
    Good Luck,
    Jim L
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    we use gallery+barricade, gallery has isoxoben, similar to snapshot. at 120 bucks a pound, it aint cheap, but that does an acre. barricade is 40 per pound, and does an acre per pound. gallery prevents most broadleaves, and barricade prevents most grassy weeds. both are wettable powders, so add a teaspoon each to your strainer on top of your backpack filler, then fill and add roundup. it will prevent most weeds for 6-9 months. It will not prevent "creep of bermuda,zoysia or any of the creeper type grasses. Dave g

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