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Discussion in 'eXmark' started by MikeLT1Z28, Apr 11, 2002.

  1. MikeLT1Z28

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    i bought my 36" metro is feb. probably has maybe 20 hours on it now. i have the mulch kit and oem mulch kit blades. for the love of it, when i go thru a yard with "stringy" weeds, it will not cut them cleanly. i have tried lowering the deck, raising the deck, changing the blade to spindle spacing and nothing works. oh yeah, today was with a brand new set of blades that we put a finer edge on. we checked the deck pitch, air pressure and a few other things i can't even remember at this point. this is costing me money when i have to double and triple cut yards... i had to actually call hoss to bail me out yesterday. i was on a rather large cleanup and i had to call him to run his lazer over it to knock it down. his metro with the same setup cuts just fine. any ideas? also the right belt/brake linkage has been binding up here lately for no reason i can see unless it's in the brake system.

    what should i do as i can not make a living cutting the same yard two and three times to make it look like it should on the first.

    feel free to call me about this if need be. 901-650-2114.

  2. heygrassman

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    Did any of the Exmark guys call you on this?? I just bought a 36" Metro and am scheduling a job very similar to what you describe. Hope I am not going to run into the same situation.

    THanks in advance.

  3. eXmark

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    Many time when this happen we will tell the user to set the machine back to the way it was when they first bought it.

    Mike I left you a message and also talked to 65 Hoss, gave him a few things to look at.

    Heygrassman here is what I told Hoss. A lot of times guys will change cutting height buy the front caster spacers. This is not always the best thing to do. Usually too much rake in the deck is going to be your problem or to many blade washers on top of the deck. Try to keep at least 2 of the blade washers on the bottom. In the springtime I would run 3 to 4 down low.

    I hope this helps, here is my direct line or you can always visit your dealer. 402-223-6270

    Thanks, Fred.
  4. MikeLT1Z28

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    ahhhh, wait a team! only thing that was wrong with the mower was what I did. i thought the book said 1 spacer below the blade and 3 on top of the pulley, this was exactly backwards of what it should have been. also i had the deck down so low in the front trying to cut the stringy stuff that i blocked most of the needed airflow with the mulch kit. all of this was my fault and doing exactly as fred said gave me that exmark cut that i have known in the past.

    heygrassman, one important thing to remember when you change your blades, make sure the 3/16 spacer goes on the TOP of the blade, not the bottom... oops... by doing this i in effect had all four spacers pulling the blade further up in the deck. i changed it back to where it should be and tackled a foot high yard in one pass.

    fred, check your voice mail. all i can say is thanks over and over. like i mentioned in the VM, i suggest a slogan change from Nobody Does It Better to Nobody Knows It Better.

  5. 65hoss

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    Fred, all I can say is Mike was one HAPPY CAMPER. He called to say the cut now is awesome. No more problems, even in real tall weeds and grass.

    As usual, congrates to exmarks customer service. I called Fred from my cell phone and had answers immediately.
  6. eXmark

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    :confused: :confused: :) :) :cool: :cool: :angel: :angel:

    Glad things are worked out, thanks for the assistance 65 hoss.

    Thanks, Fred.
  7. jmarkwood

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    Read my owner's manual for th Metro 36 and I still have a question.

    What is the optimum set-up for striping/quality of cut with
    Metro 36 with theMicro Mulch.

    2.5 inch cut height
    3.5 inch cut height.

    How many spacers, etc.

  8. eXmark

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    Okay this is what I have for you, this is a Fred Special.

    2.5" Height Of Cut,
    Axle in D position, 2- 1/2" below caster, 3- 1/4 below spindle

    3.5" Height Of Cut,
    Axle in E position, 4- 1/2" below caster, 3- 1/4 below spindle

    Give this a try this should provide the results that you are looking for.

    Thanks, Fred.
  9. MikeLT1Z28

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    that's what we used on my 36" and i am in the D position. i took a pic of a fescue yard i did the other day but the pic doesn't do the yard justice, the stripes were a lot more prominent.

    sorry it's so big.


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