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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by TierOneLawnCare, Jul 29, 2006.

  1. TierOneLawnCare

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    Im just starting out part time and im limited on funds, I needed a blower and this is what I bought


    Ok, like I said I was limited on funds, So I bought this and a 3yr extedned warranty, all for $150.00, If anyone on here would have done different....Let me know, I want to hear your opinions, I did try it after I bought it, and it seems like a decent blower for the money, Moves grass and dirt very well (even wet)if you had $150.00 to spend on a blower (again Im part time, 5 yards a week) Would you have made this move seriously
  2. GardnerLandscaping

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    i'd save another 150 for a better blower and a backpack for anything just because you don't feel like a true beaner until you got the backpack.

    should do the job for 5 yards if it lifts everything you need it to lift. just not as efficient. i'd look at cfm carefully as well as airspeed.

    i tried the cheapest echo blower. just didn't have the power nor the airspeed. i tried a cheaper backpack blower first which had the high air speed, just didn't seem like i was moving a wide area, it lacked power. wasn't even close to the redmax blower i remembered. i took it back and got the higher powered husqvarna at lowes. i'm happy with it after a took off one of the hose sections. not happy about how all the gas lines are exposed and don't like the gas consumption and would be nice if it also blew spider webs, but good enough for now.
  3. GardnerLandscaping

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    i personally think i screwed up on the blower. i should have spent just a little more for a redmax backpack blower though i do like the throttle control on the tube.
  4. newz7151

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    Made by MTD/McCulloch.

    Had somebody bring in a TryoBilt back pack model (also built by MTD/McCulloch) and they told me the fan part came off. So, took 15 minutes, took all of the housing apart, picked up the impellar and along with it came the end of the crankshaft. Thing just looked like it twisted/snapped off. So, there went the $190 that they spent at Lowes on it. I offered to try and submit it as residential use even though they were using it in a commercial lawn care opp (thing wasn't beat up or anything, no scratches, muffler not all blackened up, so didn't look like it even had much use), but they have not been able to find their receipt yet.
  5. MLawns

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    You guys are OK. I bought a Stihl 2-3 yrs. ago, last week was doing a commercial job I have and was moving truck & equipment to the other side of the complex. Ran the mower onto the trailer, started for the truck and saw a gas can sticking out from under the trailer, and right next to it just far enough under for the A frame to land on was a $179 blower. Crunched the handle up but it still ran. My helper stuck things under the trailer out of the sun (hot as hell). Anyway I asked at the dealer's what it would cost to fix. Get this.....2 plastic covers....1 to a side with the handle molded into it.....$220 to 240. I left with my ragged looking blower. But it works!
  6. MLawns

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    When you get to the point where you can get bigger and better equipment, don't run over or onto it like I did because you were in a hurry and not observant enough. My help did get chewed out though......next time it'll be under the tailgate.
  7. GardnerLandscaping

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    oh man, i'm so glad i didn't do something that stupid and get chewed out by my boss when i worked for someone. i could see myself after years of mental exhaustion doing something that stupid now.

    he was cool. only complained a couple of times about me taking too much time, which i always had the excuse of trying to do quality work.

    i figured i screwed up with the purchase, but it could get stolen or damaged, and then, i would feel better that i'd finally had the excuse to replace it with something better. always good to have a backup too.
  8. QualityLawnCare4u

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    My first blower was a stihl hand held (which I still have) and it was around 155 bucks. For 299 you can get a echo 403 BP blower which is much better for the money.
  9. Pro-Scapes

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    I would of picked up a poulan at a big box store on that budget.

    79 bucks or so on sale. I had one that ran for years and refused to die. Katrina claimed it tho
  10. CutInEdge Lawn Care

    CutInEdge Lawn Care LawnSite Senior Member
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    I dont think you can buy 403's anymore. Did'nt they get replaced with 413's or something. And someone on here didnt like them compared to the 403's or maybe it was a California thing. Dont remember!!! As long as your happy and it does the job you are intending then by all means go with it.

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