OK, lets tally up December's Totals


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southern ontario
Some guys (John!, Eric and the other Chicago guys, myself and the other Canadian guys) have got a lot of snow so far. Some others haven't. So how much did you get in December? How many times/days were you out?

My unofficial snow total for December is 108cm which is about 42". So we're basically neck-and-neck with Chicago, Eric.

We were out plowing 12 times (10 times "full-route") during the month, and salted 8 times (5 times "full-route").

No major equipment problems to report...so far.


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We have been out 11 times (counting times for this thread as 1 entire snow event). Of course, during the Dec. 11/12 Blizzard here 14" snow and snow drifts 3'-4' deep (even with making continueing passess) we were out for several several days straight almost non-stop becasue after that Blizzard we received 2"+ snowfalls every other day for about a week straight. It was NUTS but at the same time it was AWESOME.

Actually got to feel how JOHN feels every month every Winter every Year. You are one lucky dog John!


John Allin

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Erie, PA
41 days in a row now. Plus the three pushes prior to this starting. Some accounts have been plowed 60+ times. At the lakeshore we've had 94", at the Interstate (two miles south of the lakeshore and where the lake effect kicks in) we've had 175+.

Now, we're incredibly busy with the nor'easter and the aftermath (stacking and hauling).

Been a long winter.


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Where I live, we've had about 2". We were suppose to get clobbered with a 15" storm over the weekend, but it missed us.


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I know this is nowhere near the totals of you guys in Erie and Chicago or Buffalo but hear goes...

For the month of December in Stmford Connecticut approximately 19 inches of snow, with at 16 inches of it coming yesterday.

Its about time!!!!!

Wishing you all a safe, prosperous, and a Happy New Year.

plow kid

Toledo Ohio!!!
In toledo we have had 31.5 inches of snow spread out over 10 events including yesterdays 7 incher, roughly 18-20 days of plowing out 15 times, 1 major ice storm about 2-3 days of salting here,thats how much snow we got last year, total
for the entire season

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