ok, now how would u handle this?

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by bobbygedd, Dec 3, 2003.

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    you saw my thread titled: "solar vs. electric" . landscaping was done, lights were put in on nov. 20th. it was also advised, that if they did not put out enough light, let me know in a day or two, and we will return them and install electric lights. today, dec. 13th, client calls and says the lights are too dimm. he wants electric. so, now that the solar lights have been in the ground 2 weeks, rained on, and dirty, can i really expect the store to refund my money? and if they wont, then what?
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    If you bought from Home Depot or Lowes, no problem. A nickel and dime place, you may trouble.

    Solar lights are garbage. I put them along my driveway and it was a joke. I returned them three weeks later to HD.

  3. NCSULandscaper

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    Well if they dont take them back just tell the customer to keep the lights and charge them again for the electric. After all they did not comply with the set time so it could be tough luck.
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    Certain items I always buy from Home Depot...lumber for instance.

    If I'm doing a deck or fence, I buy it all from the Depot and then price match over the next 30 days. I go back up there about 25 days later with my receipt and list of lumberyards with lower prices on the various dimensions of wood.

    HD then gives me the difference + 10%. I've walked out of there with $300+ before just from price shopping.

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    Bobby, I would tell them you can not return them since they did not call within the time frame of 1-2 days.The lights are definitely used, and I doubt many places would take them back in the shape you described. You shouldn't have to eat their mistake, so make it crystal ball clear to them this time around with the low voltage lights.You are not Wal Mart, for crying out loud.What's next, they'll want to return some azaleas after the bloom falls for some more that are in full bloom?:dizzy: We have a few non-compliant customers like yours here.If they weren't happy with the lights, they should have called in a timely manner.I think sometimes customers like that like to see just how far they can stretch your limits.
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    I had a similar incedent w/ a tree I planted for this lady. Held it up in the yard for her to inspect, she says: "love it". Plant it, pinestraw, water and show her again. Response: "love it, looks great". I left and two months later I get the call: "I have decided that I do not like it anymore and would like another one."

    At this point my response was this: "I asked you twice if you liked it and you said yes. I also said that it was under warranty, right?"


    "Well ma'am, your warranty is now null and void becuase I can't take the risk that a cup of roundup isn't going to be poured on it, have a nice day."

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