Ok, so tell me how they rate (ZTR)

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by efaubert1, Aug 2, 2005.

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    Alright, my first thread out asking about Grazer was a bust, as all seemed to find them to be less than desireable. And that's fine, as you are the pro's and we are just in the begining stages of setting up the FIL for his business after he retires. Not to mention, after reading your posts I can see the problem with the heat from the engine and so forth. And of course myself and my brother in law will labor occasionally, and probably free at that.

    So, to the point. There is a large auction this week that will have at least a hundred lawn mowers, and a good deal of them are ZTR. I will post the site that they are listed on, and you have to go down a ways on the bill, as this auction is ag, atv, golf carts, and lawn & garden. Anyway, I would like your opinion as to which brands/models YOU would be most interested in IF you were looking for a used machine at a sale. This auction gives a week guarantee for return if it is not operable, and they have an excellent rep for being honest.

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    The last two rows under the lawn and garden section of the auction had an eXmark and a Scag. If they are both in similar condition, either would be a nice piece of equipment. As long as they run well and ahve no problems. There is my opinion.
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    bid on the kubota zd28

    left column 4th down

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