OK... What Are They Really Worth???

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by CraigPLC, Oct 7, 2012.

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    Y'all gotta help me out... I'm not getting it. I know cars, so in car terms the break point is 5-years or 100,000 miles. Once a vehicle passes either of these two points it's done! No Prime bank will finance it, so it basically becomes a cash deal, thus making the vehicle's worth drop like a brick in value. AND a vehicle typically depreciates about 20% a year, for the first 5-years and then levels off. So $40,000 becomes, $32,000, becomes $25,600, becomes $20,480, becomes $16,384, becomes $13,107, etc. Now Dealers may try and sell them for more, but that's what the book is on them.

    So what's the break points on Mowers? Cause I see mower dealers trying to capitalize Big Time on old mowers. Example: A Hustler Dealer has a New 2012 Hustler Super Z 60" with a 25-HP for $8,500. They also have a NEW (1-hour on it) 2009 31-HP Hustler Super Z 60" for $9,700. If I'm not mistaken, and I verified it on here, in 2009 that same Super Z sold for $9,500. LOL!

    Then I see old mowers with 2,000-3,000 hours on them selling for more than half the original price. I'm shaking my head, because I sure wouldn't think about buying a 5-year old truck with a 100,000-miles on it for 60% of its original price.

    AND what is the negotiating tactics on New Mowers. Take MSRP throw it out the window and where do you go from there? What is the typical markup on a mower.

    See with cars, you ask to see the invoice, you look for the invoice price, then look for the line that says HB which is hold back (the owner of the Dealership's money) and now you negotiate. If you are getting Employee pricing, forget the above because you are typically getting it cheaper than the dealer price.
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    I don't know if your hustler dealer is just an example because he shouldn't have a 2012 super z 25/60, they don't make it.
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    I use the rule that 90% of cars (and thus mowers) are overpriced.
    So, you just have to keep looking.

    Oh, and lets not get into restored vintage cars.
  4. Jimslawncareservice

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    I was looking for a truck a long time ago. Noticed they raised a used truck 500 every 6 months or so. Asked the sales guy why. He said because they had it so long and were losing money. I told him that makes no sense. You can't sell for 20k and what makes you think you can sell it for 22k and 2 years older?

    Some mower dealers do the same thing. Old junk gets traded in, and they raise price every so often, or with seasons.

    If dealers would price these used mower right from beginning to end, they would sell fairly easy. Who want to pay 6k for a mower that cost 8k 4 years ago and 2 thousand hours ago. If you think about it, that mower could cost you more than 10k if purchase such a mower.
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    If you ever need help with what your vehicle is REALLY worth, and what is a fair price for a new or used vehicle. Let me know, I will give the numbers and evidence to walk in and kick their booties!!!

    Remember one thing, the most it will cost you to ship a car or truck from any point in the U.S. is $1,200. With that knowledge you can leverage a truck sitting in Portland OR, against a dealer in Virginia. I can get this Truck for $3,000 cheaper than your, it would only cost me $1,200 to ship it, so you can sell me yours at $$$$. I just bought a Trailblazer for $9,000 with 43,000 miles on it. Why, cause I could buy one in Florida for $9,000 with only 38,000 miles on it. So I told the sales manager, "You took that thing in for $7,500 max, cause if you paid more than that, than you should be fired! You put a max of $500 into it, and $1,000 profit is fair. So I can get this one, at the same price and it has less miles, but it will cost me $580 to get it shipped, or I can take yours at the same price and live with the extra mileage." No... I can't do that, I need $14,999. "No you want a Home Run, and I willing to give ya single. But you still get a hit, and you don't have to floor plan it." Ok, $12,999 "No!" silence... Ok, $10,999. "NO!" more silence... Ok, You're killing me, $9,999 "NO!" Son of a beach, $9,499. "NO!" ok... sell it to him... So I got it at my price, Bose Sound, Power Everything, New Tires, Sunroof, etc.

    I may suck at buying a mower, but I know the auto industry, and I know how to get the absolute best price. Oh, and you can negotiate a truck in Oregon for delivery to wherever and you'll give half, and upon delivery and after you test drive it and like it, you'll give the rest of the money - based on approved credit. If you don't like it, you load it back up and you're just out the transport cost. But I used to buy a lot of Corvettes from Florida and sell them up here in Michigan, cause I could get a Corvette in Florida about $5,000 cheaper than I could in Michigan.
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    Your'e my hero
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    Lets put it this way, your never going to get back what you paid, but people sure do try. People want way too much for mowers... They ask 3500 and I show up with 2k, they know thats what its worth so they took it no hassle... people just throw out numbers hoping they get back what they have into it. Its up to us to outsmart them :laugh:
  8. Jimslawncareservice

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    Some people do it so there is wiggle. Knowing its worth 2k and asking 2k you'll have people offer 1000 and settle for 1500. By asking a bit higher you get what its worth. But some are way out of the ball park, and I would never contact them if I was looking as a serious buyer. They are on Craigslist all the time. 10 year old mower 1500 hours for 7500 firm.
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    Equiptment doesnt go down in value nearly as fast as a car. The best way to buy a mower is when you dont need it and just happen to run accross a good deal, I rearley buy handheld stuff used.

    My rule of thumb is I never pay over 60% of the new cost and thats for near new equiptment, I never pay more than 30% of the new cost for "mid" grade stuff and I very rearly buy junk at any price.
  10. calvinslawnservices

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    I'm taking you car shopping next time.... :laugh:

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